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Red Bull Raises Dispute Against Rivals Ferrari and McLaren With FIA Amidst Tight Competition

Aishwary Gaonkar

Red Bull Raises Dispute Against Rivals Ferrari and McLaren With FIA Amidst Tight Competition

For the first time since 2022, Red Bull is facing stiff competition from not one but two teams – Ferrari and McLaren. Both teams have beaten the runaway Bulls this season, with Ferrari picking up two wins and McLaren winning the one race in Miami. However, the Milton Keynes outfit are now suggesting how both these teams may have resorted to the use of flexi-wings.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull pointed out how the front wings on both the SF-24 and the MCL38 could be bending too much, more than the allowed deforming limit. The FIA regularly conducts stringent load tests of the front and rear wings to eliminate any usage of flexible wing elements.

Under these tests, the wings have to withstand a load of 60 Newtons and cannot deform by more than three millimeters. Usually, teams push this limit to the closest extent, while trying to pass the test.

However, since the 2022 regulations, there have been cases of teams reportedly using flexi wings and flexi floors. Last year, Aston Martin were one of these rumored teams to be using a flexible front wing that violated the FIA limits and gave them a performance advantage.

However, after the governing body introduced the technical directive, TD018, the Silverstone outfit had to tweak its front wing and suspiciously lost some of its competitive edge. Red Bull‘s objection over McLaren and Ferrari’s front wings currently aims to bring a similar clampdown.

However, they cited how “if this continues to be tolerated, we will have to go the same way”. 

So, this would be an interesting subplot to watch out for as the 2024 season progresses. With McLaren, Ferrari, and even Mercedes’ front wings reportedly under the scanner, Red Bull may want to use the rules to regain its dominant advantage.

Why Red Bull may want to force McLaren and Ferrari’s hand

The Aston Martin example over their supposed flexi wing controversy in 2023 is the perfect case in point for Red Bull’s protest. Currently, McLaren and Ferrari are enjoying a similar or perhaps better run of success with regular podiums and the odd race win as well.

However, if the FIA takes substantial action to clamp down the flexi wings and either of the teams are found to be reaping the benefits of a flexible front wing, they could lose their way in terms of performance relative to Red Bull. As things stand, both McLaren and Ferrari are within touching distance of the Austrian outfit when it comes to both their qualifying and race pace.

Meanwhile, the RB20 is struggling with some fundamental issues with its stiff ride and suspension. Thus, a ban on McLaren and Ferrari’s reported flexi wings could help them breathe easy and recover from their issues.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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Aishwary Gaonkar


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