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Sir Lewis Hamilton: The knight is unemployed in F1 as Mercedes’ parents Daimler refuse lofty demands; George Russell on standby

Subham Jindal

Sir Lewis Hamilton: The knight is unemployed in F1 as Mercedes' parents Daimler refuse lofty demands; George Russell on standby

Sir Lewis Hamilton had a contract with Mercedes F1 which expired on January 1, and now parents Daimler have declined to accept the reigning champions’ terms and conditions, with George Russell as a strong alternative.

Sir Lewis Hamilton could be without a team this season in F1 if he doesn’t reach a compromise with Mercedes. As things stand, he is a free agent, but with only one seat available in the grid, – as Valtteri Bottas’ partner in Mercedes –  things could turn upside down for him.

According to the Italian wing of, Hamilton has rejected the proposal by Daimler, Mercedes’ parents, and 1/3rd owner of the F1 team. It remains to be known what Hamilton’s counteroffer is, and his contingency plan, given McLaren won’t shock the world by bringing him in for either Lando Norris or Daniel Ricciardo.

The other owner of the team, Toto Wolff, also the team principal, had suggested the contract will be signed and sealed before the season kicks off in Australia. Wolff and Hamilton get along really together and considers him to be a better driver than the alternative being discussed, George Russell.

“From my point of view, we’ve had such a successful run of championships in the past seven years that there is no reason not to continue. He’s on the top of his game and he will be for a while. And that’s why continuing together is a no-brainer.”

Daimler putting pressure on Wolff to fill only vacant F1 2021 seat ASAP

The Daimler’s board of directors are reportedly unhappy with the lofty demands of the reigning champion. Considering the fact that the automobile industry faced a rude shock due to Covid-19 last year, it all makes sense to decline Hamilton’s proposal.

The Chairman of Daimler, Ola Kallenius wants the vacant seat to be filled up at the earliest. So much so, he is not ruling out the possibility of George Russell making a dream-come-true move to Mercedes, on a season basis. For those unaware, Russell replaced Hamilton for the Sakhir Grand Prix and impressed one and all. And yes, Russell is also a Mercedes junior driver – it all seems to add up for him.

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