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“Sports Is Changing as a Whole”- Abbi Pulling on Being a Role Model for Women in Motorsports and F1 Academy’s Growth

Somin Bhattacharjee

“Sports Is Changing as a Whole”- Abbi Pulling on Being a Role Model for Women in Motorsports and F1 Academy’s Growth

Abbi Pulling made history by becoming the first female driver to ever be contracted to Alpine, and while that isn’t something on the top of her head, she acknowledges that it is a good time for women in motorsports. From more visibility to greater participation, the signs are good for a new generation of young female stars.

Earlier this year, Pulling appeared for an interview with Talia Lazarus of On Track GP. Discussing about being a role model to younger women who want to excel in a field that has been traditionally dominated by men, Pulling said,

“It’s amazing to be a female role model to the younger girls coming into the sport. I think that’s really special because I didn’t really have that [female role model] when I was their age.” 

Pulling is happy to pass on the knowledge she has to younger generations. The 21-year-old then added, “I say sports, in general, is changing a lot“.

More people are talking about women in sports (motorsports in particular) off-camera. And a lot of it has to do with F1 Academy’s growth. The series, headed by Susie Wolff, has taken off and Pulling is currently competing for the Championship.

Abbi Pulling’s incredible performance at F1 Academy’s Miami round

The second round of the 2024 F1 Academy season saw the young talented drivers travel to Miami. Abbi Pulling, one of the Title contenders, made sure to grab a huge advantage for both races.

In F1 Academy, for the first race, the driver getting the fastest lap time starts P1, and the one with the second-fastest time starts the second race from pole.

Since Pulling had both the fastest and second fastest lap on Saturday, she was due to start both races from the pole position. Race one already took place on Saturday and Pulling emerged victorious. Now, the Briton will be hoping to follow suit in race two, due to take place on Sunday.

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