Cover Image for F1’s 2021 concept car has been leaked

F1’s 2021 concept car has been leaked

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Thu Sep 13 2018

Ever since Liberty Media have taken over, they have made it a point to make F1 a little more competitive than it presently. Bringing in the ‘American culture of sport’, Liberty want to make the sport accessible to a larger audience, one that is only possible if the sport becomes more exciting than it presently is.

The new car rules for 2021 haven’t been finalised yet, but work has already begun, respecially with the new 18-inch tyre tender that has been rolled out for prospective tyre manufacturers in F1.

Now, while all of the talk between F1 and the teams has been taking place behind close doors, a 2021 concept car image has been leaked late last night and has been doing the rounds on social media ever since.

The image was clicked when Ross Brawn was giving a talk during the ‘Tech Talk’ seminar arranged by the race organisers in Singapore.

The car has a simpler bodywork with no bargeboard or bodywork flicks. The wings too seem simpler than the present car.

Now, the new look F1 car in 2021 is being designed in order to aid overtaking and provide fans with more to cheer for than the present day.

Exciting races where you see more wheel-to-wheel action is what might engage and attract more fans to the sport. Let’s see how the 2021 car pans out to be.

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