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Fall Guys New mode: Developers introduce Hard Mode in Fall Guys for limited time only

Gautham Balaji

Fall Guys Update 1.12: Developers release another update for Fall Guys ahead of Season 3

Fall Guys New mode: Developers introduce Hard Mode in Fall Guys for limited time only. Looking for a real challenge in Fall Guys? Check out the newly released Hard Mode LTM, a combination of all the hardest level variations. Read more to find out the details about Hard Mode in Fall Guys.

By now, many players in Fall Guys will be finding it pretty easy to avoid obstacles and run across to the finish line. Season 2 might be getting pretty doable, and now, players will be looking for tougher challenges to take on. If you are one of them, don’t worry, as the game is about to spice up.

Hard Mode is a limited-time mode which Mediatonic has included in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Mediatonic has also noted that this is was suggested by a member of the discord community, SuperGDPro3.

Fall Guys Hard Mode details

The name is very suggestive, and this will include a combination of the “hardest rounds/ variations” that Fall Guys Season 2 has to offer. But, beyond that, there is little detail about the specific rounds which will be included in the mode. However, the person who suggested it, SuperGDPro3 says that it will include every solo round with variant.

So, it doesn’t matter which rounds you will specifically play. All we know is that the levels will be tough and hard. The limited time mode will be available for this week to enjoy.

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