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Fernando Alonso admits he left F1 to become the best driver in the world

Utkarsh Bhatla

Fernando Alonso has announced a move on from F1, but he has confirmed that he would continue to race in different forms of motorsport, and is looking for a better challenge.

For Alonso, the challenge at this point in his career is winning that elusive triple crown, a feat that has only been achieved by one driver in the past.

Alonso has already won the Monaco GP and Le Mans 24 and has to win the Indianapolis 500 to achieve that feat.

Alonso had earlier stated that he was leaving F1 because of the predictability of the sport, but in the press conference at Spa today, Alonso revealed that he was leaving F1 in order to become great.

The Spaniard has revealed that in order to become the greatest driver, you either have to win 8 titles in F1 or win the motorsport triple crown. Alonso isn’t likely to win 8 titles and thus is taking the second route to greatness.

“The triple crown is something that I have been saying for a couple of years now. To be the best driver in the world there are 2 opportunities, win 8 championships in F1 or the second is to master different series and different cars.” Alonso said.

What do you think is the real reason for Alonso leaving F1?

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