Fernando Alonso to race for Harding Racing in IndyCar next season

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published August 15, 2018

Fernando Alonso to race for Harding Racing in IndyCar next season, as reported by Brazilian outlet ‘Grande Premio’

Fernando Alonso’s motorsport future is one that has attracted a lot of debate ever since his retirement announcement from last night.

Alonso bid Formula 1 farewell with an emotional post and thanking everyone involved in this memorable and record breaking journey of his.

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Alonso’s  future though is a little uncertain, despite him having expressed interest in driving in the IndyCar series.

However, according to a report in the ‘Grande Premio’, Alonso will be racing for the Harding Racing team, which will involve support from McLaren, Chevrolet and Andretti.

Harding Racing team came into existence in 2017. It was formulated as a team that came to be known as the ‘Andretti B’ team.

Chevrolet and McLaren too will be working behind the scenes in order to get everything on the grid working smoothly.

Now, according to the report, Alonso will be racing for this rather new team in terms of ‘team registration’, however, it does have some very senior people dealing with the over functionalities of the team.

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And now, even Racer magazine has reported that Alonso will indeed be racing under the Harding Racing banner.

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