Former UEFA President Michel Platini arrested over 2022 World Cup corruption

Tanish Chachra
|Published 18/06/2019

Former UEFA President Michel Platini arrested over 2022 World Cup corruption related to Qatar hosting the tournament.

Former France legend Michel Platini has been arrested over falsely awarding of the World Cup 2022 hosting rights to Qatar. The decision was later got controversial, as rigging of votes was speculated.

It led to several rounds of investigation and Michel Platini was alleged to be a part of it. The former French International was elected as the President of UEFA in 2007, up until 2015, but he was then banned by the FIFA Ethics Committee.

According to a report by the Mediapart, Platini was brought under the police custody on Tuesday, as a part of the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Office of the Judicial Police into the rigging of votes to award Qatar the upcoming World Cup.

Presently, the 63-year-old Platini is being held at a police station in Nanterres, a small suburb around the French Capital-Paris.

The number of issues have emerged, ever since Qatar been awarded to host the next World Cup in 2010. Concerns related to Human rights and homosexuality have been majorly cropped up.

The soaring summer heat in the country during the months of June-July was also a concern, which led to the tournament being shifted to the winter, a huge departure from tradition.

In 2014, Platini confessed holding a secret meeting with the disgraced football official Mohamed Bin Hammam, shortly before casting his vote for Qatar.

Since the mandate came out in favour of Qatar, around 16 have been struck-off, suspended or remained under investigation out of 24 members of executive committee of FIFA.

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