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Fortnite update v25.30 Server Downtime: When will servers return after maintenance?

Amlan Roy

An image showing Fry, Bender and Leela from the show Futurama, which is collaborating with Fortnite update v25.30

Fortnite will receive its latest major update v25.30, adding new challenges, skins, and more following a scheduled downtime. The current season will end soon, sometime next month and a new journey will begin for the franchise.

Fortnite update v25.30 maintenance will commence on July 26, 2023, from 4 am Eastern Standard Time. Consequently, players are suggested to log off from their accounts one hour prior, to avoid risking progress due to temporary server incompetency. Initially, this update was set to release on July 25, 2023, however, it was delayed due to the rescheduling of Cash Cup.

With all that said, the servers will be taken offline at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled maintenance before rolling out changes globally. We have gathered useful information you need to know about the upcoming maintenance of the game in this article.

How long will the servers face downtime in Fortnite v25.30?

Usually, a server downtime of two hours is followed when a major update is pushed to Fortnite. Since the scheduled maintenance begins at 4 am PT, on July 26, 2023, it will last till 6 am PT, on the same date. However, it might take a few moments more to deliver an ironed-out update. So it is safe to stick with a total downtime of three hours for the upcoming update.

This new Fortnite update will feature a collaboration with Futurama, bringing new skins for characters and Back Blings. The collaboration is happening because of the return of the fan-favorite show Futurama which originally concluded after 10 seasons.

According to leaks, the collaboration will feature three new outfits based on Fry, Bender, and Leela, the main characters of Futurama. Additionally, two new Back Blings based on Mind-Control Parasite and Nibbler will also be added to the game. However, it hasn’t been revealed whether it would be featured as a bundle or sold separately.

Weapons and additions of Augments with the upcoming release

A new weapon called Lever Pistol is likely to be added with Fortnite v25.30. The Kinetic Boomerang also will reportedly get unvaulted following the upcoming update as well. Both these weapons would likely begin a meta shift in the battle royale mode.

Leakers have even revealed four new Reality Augments called Pistol Recycle, Scoped, Fire Armory, and Balloon Fall. All these additions would buff weapons in effective ways mentioned below:

Pistol Recycle: Pistol will have a 33% chance of not using any ammo

Scoped: Damage is increased while scoping with weapons, however, at the cost of a slower fire rate.

Fire Armory: This Augment grants the players with an unknown fire item.

Balloon Fall: Unkown.

To sum everything up, Fortnite update v25.30 will bring in three new character outfits, two Back Blings, one new firearm, the return of Kinetic Boomerang, and brand new Augments. Players can access all these additions after the end of maintenance downtime.

That is all you need to learn about the upcoming Fortnite update v25.30 downtime and additions. If you liked this article, check similar content by clicking here.

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