Valorant Champions 2023: Evil Geniuses claims the title of “world champions” after defeating Paper Rex

Amlan Roy
|Published August 27, 2023

Evil Geniuses won the Valorant Champions 2023 and took the throne at the international tournament in Los Angeles. In a spectacular showdown between EG and PRX, the world finally has the answer to who claimed the world champion title.

The Grand Finals of Valorant Champions 2023 between Evil Geniuses and Paper Rex broke an immense number of records. Both these teams came from the bottom of the pit and took down giants. However, in the end, EG came out on top and earned the title of World Champion.

Evil Genius’ win prompted wild celebrations by fans of the shooter title around the globe. Here’s a full rundown of that had happened on the grand stage of the VCT finals and how EG came out on top.

Evil Geniuses sweeps Paper Rex to become Valorant Champions 2023

Evil Geniuses lifted the Valorant Champions 2023 trophy in Los Angeles after defeating Paper Rex. With a total scoreline of 3-1, EG showed the world how they came from nothing and became the best team in the world. While Paper Rex fought valiantly, the winners would be the ones to take the limelight.

In the first map, EG had a slow start, and people believed that Paper Rex might be taking the show. They soon turned the tides and pushed the Pacific region legends back to put a point on the board.

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However, Paper Rex wasn’t ready to give the title up that easily and retaliated on the second map. The head-to-head battle between the two even put everyone on the edge of their seats. Yet, PRX ultimately ended up winning the second map and evened out the overall scoreline.

On the third map, the favors were on PRX’s side, as Bind is their power map. However, that didn’t stop EG from giving a fair competition. With great teamwork and strategy, the Evil Geniuses turned the favor towards their side. Thus, taking another map win and taking the lead against Paper Rex.

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With everything on the line, PRX had to win the fourth map to equalize the overall scoreline and earn a chance to stay in the game. Both of the teams showcased great competition and kept the match score 9-9 on both ends. However, Paper Rex couldn’t keep up with the pace of Evil Geniuses, who soon took the lead to reach a 12-9 scoreline.

The nailbiter exchange between the two intensified as PRX added another digit and made the score 12-10. Although they were hopeful of leveling up with EG and taking the map to overtime, the strategy didn’t succeed. Evil Geniuses quickly concluded the competition by winning the next round and etched their name as the Valorant World Champions 2023.

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