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VALORANT pro SEN Sick channels his inner LeBron James after 2nd arrest, shares Lakers superstar’s tweet

Aaryanshi Mohan

Valorant pro SicK arrested for the second time this year for Class B Criminal Trespassing

Valorant pro, SEN SicK, recently retweeted NBA star LeBron James’ tweet about him being the “problem.” SicK returned to social media after being arrested for the second time, and after a few tweets, channelized his inner LeBron.

While James was probably referring to the mid-season transfer where the Lakers couldn’t get their hands on Kyrie Irving, it is unclear what SicK was referring to.

Valorant pro SicK retweets LeBron James’ maybe it’s me tweet

This retweet seems like an acknowledgment that SicK really believes that he could be the reason for many people’s problems, including his own. Fans have also acknowledged that he isn’t himself and could possibly be on substances.

Speculation on the web is that SEN SicK has been battling some mental health issues because of which his behavior has been extremely erratic. The Valorant pro was arrested twice for criminal trespassing and was subsequently released.

In one of his tweets, the pro has tried to open up about his current mental health struggles. He said:

“I feel at peace currently figuring out the situation slowly. But I also feel very alone because I can’t interact with people close to me. Thank you all for the support recently it means the world to me.”

However, the latter half of the tweet made it clear that he was more inclined toward talking about politics. Since then, most of his tweets have tagged POTUS Biden.

Why was SicK arrested for the second time?

The Valorant Pro has been arrested twice in 2023. Both times he faced the same charges of criminal trespassing. The first time he was arrested because he failed to exit a Ferrari showroom even when he was repeatedly asked to leave. The reason for the second arrest has not been revealed.

A lot of support has poured in for the pro player, however, everyone has requested for his immediate family to be by his side when he is going through his struggles. Sentinels and his ex-teammates extended their support to him when he was jailed and then released.

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