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Where to find all One Piece Odyssey outfits

Aaryanshi Mohan

One Piece Odyssey outfits

One Piece Odyssey lets you dive into adventures with the Straw Hats, and it only gets taken up a notch when players do it in style. One Piece Odyssey outfits let players customize the series’ characters to a certain extent. While it might not affect their powers, they definitely are a visual treat.

Here are all the characters that have outfit and how players can unlock them.

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How to find all One Piece Odyssey outfits

One Piece Odyssey has a total of nine playable characters and each of them will have a separate outfit that is different from the one we see when we encounter them. While some of them are unlocked by default, some can only be accessed if players had pre-ordered the game.

Here is a list of all the outfits that are unlocked by default:

  • Sanji’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Luffy’s Travelling Outfit
  • Nami’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Zoro’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Robin’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Usopp’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Chopper’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Franky’s New World Challenge Outfit
  • Brook’s New World Challenge Outfit

What are One Piece Odyssey pre-order bonuses?

In addition to the default outfits, some outfits for playable characters work as pre-order bonuses in the game. Here are all the outfits that are available as a pre-order bonus in the game.

  • Nami’s Travelling Outfit
  • Zoro’s Travelling Outfit
  • Robin’s Travelling Outfit
  • Sanji’s Travelling Outfit
  • Usopp’s Travelling Outfit
  • Usopp’s Travelling Sniper King Outfit (Will be unlocked after purchasing One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition)
  • Chopper’s Travelling Outfit

How to change an outfit in One Piece Odyssey?

Players can follow the steps mentioned below to change the outfits of various characters.

  • Visit any Camp or Tavern.
  • Players will then have to interact with the tent present in the camp. If players are in the Tavern, they have to talk to the barkeeper.
  • From there, players can choose the outfits they want to switch to.

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