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Hamilton answers the big ‘Triple crown’ question

Utkarsh Bhatla

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is searching for that 5th World Title this year, one that will take him another step closer to that magical number of 7.

However, this season doesn’t seem like one where we will witness complete Mercedes domination. Ferrari and Red Bull have piled on the pressure all through the initial third of the season and seem to have the car and the drivers to take this right down to the wire.

Hamilton is gearing up for the all important French Grand Prix which marks the start of 3 important and back-to-back races in the F1 season.

While Hamilton will be completely focussed on the task at hand, Alonso is setting a lot of goals for motorsport drivers by winning the Le Mans 24 last week.

A lot of the new generation drivers might want to get that elusive Motorsport triple crown, one that comprises of a win at Monaco GP, Le Mans 24 and Indianapolis 500.

Alonso will be vying to become only the second driver to do so by participating in the IndyCar even this year.

Hamilton was quizzed about the ‘triple crown’ and if he would be interested in going for it.

He also was asked to shed his thoughts on Fernando Alonso’s Le Mans victory and if he had seen the race.

“I do not know much, I’ve only read the news, but I’m very happy for him, he’s a great pilot” Hamilton said.

Taking about the triple crown, Hamilton said that that wasn’t something that he was interested in.

“No … [laughs] Really, it’s something I’m not interested in” the Brit said.

Hamilton is not quite interested in Indianapolis 500 too.

“Well, no, it’s not something I’ve wanted, I’m not interested at all.” Hamilton said. 

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