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“It’s More Gradual”: Derek From More Plates More Dates Teams Up With Dr. Peter Attia to Shed Light on Testosterone Change With Age

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Dr. Peter Attia Unveils Certain Strict Measures to Curb and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Just going with the flow is about as easy as it gets for the average individual. Statistics, however, might astound a fitness enthusiast following the outcomes. These statistics can range from the intensity of workouts to the levels of someone’s hormones. Prominent fitness influencer Derek from the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel joined with Dr. Peter Attia once to talk about the testosterone levels of a common man.

This particular issue is the subject of several rumors. Worryingly, these hormone-related falsehoods have been spreading like wildfire, considering that even a toddler has a smartphone these days. A man’s testosterone levels have a significant influence on his physique and lifestyle as a fitness enthusiast. Hence, knowing the right thing from the experts is always the best way to gain knowledge.

Dr. Attia asked Derek a straightforward question on an episode of The Peter Attia Drive Podcast. Any man who is serious about fitness should know how to accurately keep track of his testosterone levels, and this YouTuber knows it the best.

As opposed to women where you see like a plummet after menopause, for men, it’s more gradual.”

A typical man loses one percent of his entire testosterone level per year, as per Derek. The fitness influencer also pointed out how the levels might drop to even 2-3% under certain conditions.

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Derek, on the other hand, emphasizes how, for reasons both internal and external, levels tend to decline sharply from the age of 30-35. As most fitness aficionados might press the panic button, Derek also added a calm insight.

You can certainly retain high level production. I don’t want anyone to think, now that I’m 45, my levels have probably dropped 20 plus percent at this point. I should probably get on TRT. May not be the case.”

On one hand, Derek has made his case based on the books; on the other hand, he asserts that he has seen elderly people with elevated testosterone levels. Additionally, the YouTuber divulged a nugget of wisdom that everyone should be aware of.

In general, those are kind of general numbers of decline that you can expect based on literature, but I think its reasonable to assume that a lot people can retain good production as well.”

The ultimate tip for the untrained by Dr. Peter Attia

An hour of cycling through various exercises with weights isn’t always enough for a workout for true gym rats. People who train at a high-intensity level might devote more time to their workouts. According to Dr. Peter Attia, however, the narrative is quite different for those who are just casual gym goers or who have never gone to the gym.

Dr. Andy Galpin supported Dr. Attia’s narrative by highlighting an essential component, even though regular exercise and everyday activities might burn calories. Intensive cardio is a great way to burn the burger you had last night. Incorporating zone 2 cardio into a routine of low-intensity activities makes it possible for anybody to achieve an ideal physique.

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