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Why is India Performing Better at the Paralympics than the Olympics ?

Siddharth Nair

The Paralympics is just a few days old and believe it or not India is actually doing really well. The Indian team’s performance in Rio has drawn a lot praise from all over the world especially after the terrible performance by our athletes in the summer Olympics. But while this is great one has to wonder why our performance was so different just a month back. Why is India Performing Better at the Paralympics than the Olympics ?

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4) Less Competition !

Mariyappan Thangavelu
Courtesy: The Hindu


There is less competition among the athletes in the Paralympic games.

A fewer number of athletes has given many more a crack at winning the medals. A podium finish is now not do far off for all the athletes.

Maybe the reason for the better performance is down to sheer maths probability !


3) Lack of Expectations !

Indian Paralympians

Maybe there has been a lack of expectations from our side on the Paralympic team.

The terrible performance by the majority of the contingent in Rio has not given us much hope for any other sport. That all sports other than cricket is considered second class is a sad but true reality of our country.

A lack of expectations from the country has therefore contributed in making the athletes feel more at ease. Maybe that is what we should have done a month back !

2) Better Prepared Athletes !

Devendra Jhajharia: Picture

One must take in to account the preparation levels of these athletes in question.

It is possible that that ones who went to Rio for the Olympics did not prepare as well as they should have done.

Or maybe their coaches did not work as they should have in Rio. The dedication and effort put in by the Paralympic athletes and coaches may just be more than the Olympic ones and that might just have made the difference.

1) Honest Support Staff !

The Chief Guest Arjuna Awarded Shri Amit Kumar Saroha for Athletics (Para) distributing medals

There were several news reports stating that the Indian officials at Rio Olympics were creating a mess behind the scenes.

Reports of partying and also of not tending to the athletes were common and many in our country felt that they were there just to have a good time. They did not care about the performances of the athletes.

With no such news coming out of the Paralympic games, we can guess that all is good in this regard.

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