IPL Fantasy Guide: Preview and Fantasy Tips for Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

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  1. Shalin says:

    Hi, I have Gambhir and Uthappa whom should I make my batting pp if the choice arises? and for the uncapped which two would you suggest out of Hooda, Yuzi and Karun

    1. Uthappa. Scores at a brisker pace. Yuzi and Karun

      1. Shalin says:

        Thank you hope you end up with a single digit rank!

        1. Thank you Shalin. I hope you end up there with me

  2. Shalin says:

    Theres no rain forecast would you still stick with your pp choices for kkr vs srh

    1. Accuweather shows there is. Normally I’ll pick the batsman playing in the second innings

      1. Shalin says:

        So still sticking with Uthappa?

  3. Kailash says:

    1 amongst Gambhir, Manish and Yusuf?… also is getting the Fizz in worth it? (6 subs left)

    1. Manish. Fizz, not on form but on skill

  4. Fan says:

    Mustfizur/Narine who can i make bowling power player?

    1. Mustafizur, as he is bowling first

  5. Fan says:

    Kohli/ABD as powerplayer…Do you think law of averages will today catch kohli?

    1. Law of averages apply to humans only!

      1. Fan says:

        Yeah…I expected same answer from you.

        1. In a huge ground, I would prefer Kohli to ABD, as he Kohli thrives on rotating the strike and hitting boundaries, rather than going for the big hits

  6. Kailash says:

    NCN+Morris+Zak …. I think Gayle will fail today!! And I think Morris is better pick than Watson.. What do you say Boss? @Utkarsh

    1. I think Gayle will fail too. But I would go for Watson instead of Morris, as Watson bats higher than Morris

  7. Shalin Parikh says:

    Gayle or Watson?

    1. Kailash says:

      Gayle definitely… the choice is between Morris and Watson

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