Kei Nishikori Has Big Things Planned For 2017 !

Siddharth Nair
|Published November 22, 2016

After a fantastic 2016, Kei Nishikori plans on making a Grand Slam breakthrough in 2017. (Kei Nishikori Has Big Things Planned For 2017)

This year has been very kind to the Japanese world number five as he claimed one ATP Tour title, an Olympic medal and recorded a career high of 58 wins.


“A year that I won most matches does carry some significance but what is important is how much I can win at big tournaments,” the 2014 US Open runner-up was quoted as saying by Kyodo news agency.(Kei Nishikori Has Big Things Planned For 2017)

“Result-wise this has been my best year. I’ve played well against the top-10 players and have been winning against the likes of (Rafa) Nadal and (Andy) Murray, who I couldn’t beat before.

“I’m making fewer mistakes as I get older. I hope to keep building, bit-by-bit.”

“I’m confident I have the ability to challenge for world number three and four,” he added. (Kei Nishikori Has Big Things Planned For 2017)

“I need to be more cautious while determining which points in the match I have to focus and how I can win break points in a more assured manner.”

Kei Nishikori began the year by reaching the quarter finals of the Australian Open. Next he claimed the Memphis Open which was his one and only title for the year.

A couple of fourth round defeats in the French Open and Wimbledon served as a reminder to him about the rigors of a long season. But all this only acted as an impetus to Nishikori as he bounced back strongly in the second half of the season.

A bronze medal at the Rio Olympics was backed up by semi-final losses in the US Open as well as the ATP World Tour finals in London.

He also managed to reach the finals of the Rogers Cup as well as the Miami Open but unfortunately lost both times. (Kei Nishikori Has Big Things Planned For 2017)

Nevertheless the 26 year old has had a great 2016 and he hopes to make 2017 an even memorable one! (Kei Nishikori Has Big Things Planned For 2017)

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