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Messi tells Neymar that he still misses him at Barcelona

Gokul Nair

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Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has released a video of the Argentine saying he’s “still missing” his former Barcelona teammate Neymar and sent his good wishes to the Brazilian ahead of the Christmas break in a heartwarming video.

Neymar had earlier invited fellow football players to take part in his ‘invisible friend’, where they were able to send messages and swap gifts in holiday spirit.

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Neymar has published some of the heartwarming messages he received , among them one from his close friend and five time Ballon D’Or winner Messi. In the emotional video lasting just about a minute, Messi says :

“Well, Ney… I think we said practically everything to each other when you left. The truth is that here we are still missing you. We would like to keep sharing the mates [a South American hot drink] in the morning with Luis [Suarez] in the dressing room and many more things. Like always, I wish you the best wherever you are and I’m sure we will cross again on or off the pitch very soon. Take care of yourself.”

Messi also showed his ‘Invisible friend’ present in the video, which was the objective of Neymar’s campaign.

In reply, Neymar has sent a message of his own, saying Brother, thanks. For me, you are an idol and also a great friend. Big hugs, crack.”

Neymar had won 2 La Liga crowns, a Champions League Trophy, and 3 Copa Del Rey Titles in his 4 seasons with the Catalan Club before making a big money move to Paris St.Germain earlier this summer.

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