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Kevin Harvick Not Optimistic About NASCAR’s EV Future

Gowtham Ramalingam

“It’s Important to Mix It Up”: Kevin Harvick Makes His Stand Clear on Omnipresent NASCAR Conversation

NASCAR unveiled its first EV prototype in Chicago this past weekend. The effort was the result of its work with global automation and electrification leader ABB. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that fans haven’t met the EV with welcoming hands. With cynicism looming large, Kevin Harvick appears to have taken the role of championing these sentiments.

The retired racer discussed the EV and its future in NASCAR on the “Harvick Happy Hour” podcast. He believes that any car that doesn’t make noise or smell like burning gas has no place in the sport. His words went, There is no future for NASCAR electric vehicle racing. If it does not make noise, smell like it’s burning gas, there is no freaking way.”

“I appreciate the effort and I get it. There are other things from the other side of the world but anybody who thinks this would be a success as far as how they race, it won’t go far on the ovals first off. Like, on the road course, it’s probably doable.” NASCAR has ascertained that it does not have any plans to race with the EV or create an exclusive series for it anytime soon.

At this time, the car’s purpose is just to represent the ‘NASCAR IMPACT’ initiative and showcase to the world that the sport aims to decrease its carbon footprint. Either way, Harvick is not in the least bit inclined toward seeing an all-electric future in stock car racing. He is, however, open to a hybrid model in which caution laps could be run on battery.

Harvick explains how the EV prototype came to be

The driver views the EV as something that was initiated by NASCAR after a strong push from its manufacturers with the idea that they could run exhibition events with it. However, EVs not doing as well as they were when the project started has made the manufacturers abandon the sanctioning body mid-post, he believes.

He said, And now NASCAR is stuck with this electric vehicle that they can do some demonstrations with, but that’s really the only thing that excites me about it. There’s really nothing about a racecar that doesn’t make noise, that has any excitement for me.” Thankfully, the prototype is just that: A prototype. Nobody believes that it will take over fuel-powered cars.

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