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NASCAR Set to Provide Major Economic Boost to North Wilkesboro During All-Star Race Weekend

Gowtham Ramalingam

NASCAR set to provide major economic boost to North Wilkesboro during All- Star Race weekend

When NASCAR announced in 2021 that it will return to North Wilkesboro to run the celebrated All-Star Race, it truly kickstarted the town’s heart. The 39th edition of the exhibition race was held on the historic 0.625-mile short-track and drew over 39,000 fans from across the country. With all the attention automatically filling the town’s purse, more of the same is expected in 2024.

Tasha Ferris, who owns a milkshake shop in the region, told WXII 12 News, “I think I can probably speak for all small businesses in Wilkes County. It’s an opportunity to thrive and it’s something to be proud of. To show off our little Wilkes County and all that it has to offer.” Ferris has already stocked up her shop in anticipation of huge crowds.

A report from the governor’s office revealed that the statewide impact of last year’s race was $42.4 million. It had generated over 625 jobs for North Carolinians and injected over $20 million into construction and infrastructure development in Wilkes County. The report also mentions that the visitors spent around $29 million on stay, food, and other expenses during the weekend.

How the North Wilkesboro track has prepared for the All-Star Race

Nearly a year in the making, track officials have themed the race track based on the racing age between the 1960s and the 70s. Speedway Motorsports Vice President of Events, Kenton Nelson, said in an interview that every detail from the exterior design to the billboard fonts have been personalized to reflect the track’s yesteryear glory. Though the preparations have been near-perfect, there’s one slight concern.

Thunderstorms and rain clouds gather above North Wilkesboro inching towards the race day. With weather reports predicting over 50% chance of rainfall on each day of the weekend, there is a risk that the events could be severely limited. This also means that nature could play spoilsport and hurt the maximum revenue potential that is expected currently.

Hopefully, the races will go green all the way and provide yet another enthralling experience for the many thousand fans who’ve traveled to the town. The main-race is scheduled to kick off at 8:00 p.m. ET on May 19, Sunday. It can be watched live on FS1, MRN, and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

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