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Nathan McCullum quashes fake death reports

Dixit Bhargav

Nathan McCullum quashes fake death reports

Nathan McCullum quashes fake death reports: Fake reports of the former New Zealand off-spinner were viral on social media.

Every coin has two sides. Social media is no different. While it aids a public figure in connecting with his/her fans to the extent of the former having the potential of earning huge amounts of money, it also has its own drawbacks, one of them which former New Zealand off-spinner Nathan McCullum recently faced.

As recent as yesterday, reports of the 38-year old dying had gone viral across various social media platforms. It was a Facebook page named ‘New Zealand Cricket Fan Hub’ which had uploaded the news, saying that McCullum’s wife Vanessa has announced his death.

In a news which is likely to send shock waves to any household, the same had happened with the people close to the former cricketer. The hearsay had got spread to the extent that McCullum eventually took to his official Twitter account to clear the news, something which must have been come as a reprieve for his near ones.

“I am alive and kicking more than ever before. Not sure where this news has come from but this is fake. Love you all,” McCullum’s tweet read.


Read some of the other relieving Twitter reactions on McCullum’s tweet below:

Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, who is the younger brother of Nathan, also took to his Twitter account to warn the culprit with respect to a potential action being taken. Read McCullum’s tweet below:

It isn’t the first time this year that such a fake news has gone viral in the cricketing fraternity. During the Asia Cup in September, some people had spread the fake news of India all-rounder Hardik Pandya dying after he was injured on the ground.

While action must be taken against the wrongdoers, people should also realize that spreading such a news can adverse affect on the family and friends of the concerned individual. Hence, doing so for the sake of extra clicks is never a deal worth it.

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