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“As Long As They Don’t Kill Him…”: Former Rockets Guard Recalls OJ Simpson’s Bronco Chase During Game 5 of the 1994 NBA Finals

Siddid Dey Purkayastha

“As Long As They Don’t Kill Him…”: Former Rockets Guard Recalls OJ Simpson’s Bronco Chase During Game 5 of the 1994 NBA Finals

Former NFL player OJ Simpson‘s trial for the alleged murder of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, is perhaps one of the most haunting murder mysteries in American history. At that time, Simpson’s former wife, Nicole, and Dan Goldman were found murdered with multiple stab wounds that placed suspicion on Simpson. However, the infamous trial would later see him be acquitted. Simpson recently died at the age of 76 years succumbing to his battle with cancer. His name making headlines once again resurfaced the haunting memory of his Ford Bronco chase in 1994.

At the time, the Houston Rockets had qualified for the NBA Finals for the first time and were playing against the New York Knicks. To avoid turning himself in, OJ Simpson tried fleeing on his 1993 Ford Bronco SUV after he was charged with his wife’s murder, which prompted TV stations to interrupt the coverage of the NBA Finals and follow the pursuit. The live, low-speed police pursuit of Simpson was watched by over 95 million people, making it one of the most widely publicized events in American history.

Former Rockets point guard Vernon Maxwell remembers this incident quite well, which happened during Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Recalling the reaction of the players on the floor, Maxwell told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, “I was bringing the ball up the floor but I didn’t see it and Rudy [Tomjanovich] was talking about what had happened so, and that’s when we knew; and I was like, ‘Well damn. As long as they don’t kill him…’”

The game resulted in a Rockets win over the Knicks, thus tying the series 3-3. On the other hand, Simpson was charged with two counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances. With the trials running for over a year from 1994 to 1995, the jury’s verdict found Simpson not guilty of the offenses he was charged with. To this day, even after Simpson’s death, the real killers of Nicole Brown Simpson and Dan Goldman remain a mystery.

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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Siddid Dey Purkayastha


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