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Baron Davis Calls Out JJ Redick for His ‘Disrespectful’ Take on Jerry West and His Era

Prateek Singh

Baron Davis Calls Out JJ Redick for His 'Disrespectful' Take on Jerry West and His Era

JJ Redick has had some controversial opinions about NBA players from the 60s and the 70s. The NBA star turned media personality believes that the quality of basketball was subpar at the time due to the lack of proper incentives and resources. He once downplayed Bob Cousy’s legacy in basketball by saying that, “He [Cousy] was being guarded by plumbers and firemen.” Understandably, Redick received a lot of pushback for his comments. Baron Davis joined the party recently as well.

On the recent episode of 7Pm in Brooklyn podcast, Davis called out the 39-year-old over the same issue.

Host of the podcast, Carmelo Anthony started the discussion on Redick by bringing up the possibility of him becoming the Lakers’ next head coach. That’s all the prompt Davis needed to go off on Redick about his qualms against him.

Following the discussion on Lakers’ HC appointment, Davis said, “I just got a bone to pick with JJ… Historically, he’s been taking shots…at the history of the game [at the legends of Jerry West’s era].” According to the 45-year-old, ridiculing the history of the game to make a point isn’t the way to go about your business.

The two-time All-Star didn’t like the knock on the players of that era just because they used to have jobs. In fact, he said that the dedication to play the game despite doing full time jobs should make people respect them more.

Davis added, “You got all this free time, to not be a plumber, not be a carpenter, and you’re JJ Redick. You ain’t Jerry West. You should’ve been Jerry West.” Davis too a dig at JJ by saying that despite having the freedom to play basketball for a living, Redick couldn’t elevate his career to the Logo’s level.

Davis’ comments have a remarkable resemblance to what West had to say about Redick’s comment.

Jerry West’s clapback at JJ Redick

During an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, the Logo fired back at Redick after his remarks went viral. He acknowledged that the game was different in his time, but ended his statement with a question about Redick’s career in the modern day.

West said, “Well, obviously the game is completely different…The athletes are completely different. I know JJ a little bit, he’s a very smart kid and everything. But tell me what his career looks like. What did he do that determined games? He averaged 12 points a game.”

Redick became the target of the hooping community for the way he disrespected the legacy of the game. After West’s response, Shaquille O’Neal also jumped in to take a shot at the 39-year-old with his ‘G-14 Classification’.

The big fella commented on an Instagram post, “Stop it. Jerry West was correct. JJ ain’t got enough G-14 Classifications to speak on the greats. And you can tell him I said that.”

However, Redick later clarified that he wasn’t trying to downplay the contributions of the OGs. All he meant by his comments were that the modern era of basketball has evolved a lot from the bygone days and the players of the two eras shouldn’t be compared with each other.

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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