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Carmelo Anthony and JJ Redick ‘Debate’ Best 2024 NBA Team for ‘Prime Melo’ to Win Championship

Trikansh Kher

Carmelo Anthony and JJ Redick ‘Debate’ Best 2024 NBA Team for ‘Prime Melo’ to Win Championship

With the NBA playoffs around the corner, the predictions are showering from former NBA stars, fans and analysts. Recently, JJ Redick and Carmelo Anthony found themselves in the prediction zone while on the 7 PM in Brooklyn’, hosted by Knicks legend Melo and comedian ‘The Kid Mero’. However, there was a twist in this conversation. 

The popular comedian asked to pick Melo and Redick their teams considering that they are both in their prime and are on the team. The hypothetical situation got the former NBA stars in a pickle, with Redick breaking the silence on the matter first,

” I’d like to play with Jokic, honestly. Just show up on their bench a little bit. Just 15 to 20 minutes…a little bit more shooting in volume…Ray Allen in Miami.” 

For his second pick, Redick would choose the Boston Celtics, highlighting Mazzulla and the teams’ unity as being one of their biggest selling factors. While Redick was quick with his picks, Melo decided to take his time, finally landing on New York and Dallas as his two go-to destinations,

“New York…My thing is I always wanted a point guard, I needed somebody like an Andre Miller or Chauncey Bilops. I always need somebody like a power forward, a very explosive power forward at the four.. just toughness, like a Kenyon Martin.” 

Melo further added that for him to operate flawlessly during his prime he will need the right kind of squad surrounding him, finding himself to be a good fit with the Knicks. 

JJ Redick had a different opinion on Melo’s answer and believed he had a better team in his mind for the 10x All-Star.

JJ Redick finds Prime Melo the perfect fit

After Carmelo Anthony was done picking his spots, Redick chipped in with his pick for Melo. The ESPN analyst zeroed in on the Timberwolves as being the best fit for the former Nuggets player. Giving his reasoning for the pick, Redick explained,

” The best team for prime Melo is the Minnesota Timberwolves… the foundation of a good defense, not a great offensive team, struggles at time in the half court, give them Melo, come on man.” 

The former Knicks player was visibly surprised by Redick’s witty take, even giving him props for his reasoning. 

While Carmelo would be a good fit for the team, ball distribution will definitely be a problem. Prime Melo was a high usage player, clocking up to 35% [usage rate] during his prime, and such a high usage rate wouldn’t be a sustainable fit with the current Timberwolves roster.

Not only that, Anthony Edwards and Carmelo Anthony are high-volume shooters, often needing the ball to be effective on the offensive end. If Melo does end up sacrificing on shots his impact will undoubtedly be limited, making the 6’7 forward a bad fit for the franchise.

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