“Charles Barkley, That’s ‘Worser’ Than Kazaam”: When Shaquille O’Neal Trolled Chuck For His Space Jam Cameo on Inside the NBA

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published 09/01/2023

The NBA and the world of entertainment have had their intersections over the year in many instances. From Jesus Shuttlesworth to Kazaam, NBA stars have adorned the limelight with great aplomb.

And speaking of Kazaam, Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA’s greatest entertainer has to be mentioned. DJ Diesel is without a question the most prominent figure in the NBA’s collaborations with the world of entertainment.

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Entertainment from the house of Shaq is a daily feature of the NBA-watching experience still. All credit for that goes to Inside the NBA and the TNT team.

Shaq’s partner in crime at Inside the NBA, Sir Charles Barkley also had his trysts with the world of entertainment. Chuck was a part of the All-Star group that lost their powers in Space Jam and his cameo was notable, to say the least.

The Big Diesel was rather amused by how bad an actor Charles Barkley is. And while admitting his own below-par acting ability, Shaq laid on to his friend and mocked his poor acting.

Shaquille O’Neal declared his performance in Kazaam to be better than Chuck’s performance in Space Jam.

While such a declaration isn’t particularly bold, the manner in which it was made makes for great entertainment. O’Neal declared Charles Barkley’s performance in Space Jam to be “worser” than his own from Kazaam.

For the uninitiated, Kazaam was a box-office disaster and Shaq’s performance was widely mocked. Various pop culture references even came about because of how bad the movie and the performances were.

So, for the Big Diesel to trash Barkley’s acting performance, using Kazaam as a metric is only fair.

“And I thought Kazaam was bad! Oh, that was terrible. Oh, wow! That’s worser than Kazaam!” reacted O’Neal to Chuck’s performance. “He lost the glasses and everything, oh hell no!” narrated Shaq to describe Barkley’s performance, impressions included.

A Shaq v Chuck debate on who the “worser” actor is, might just be one that cannot be settled. And maybe, another such debate could be waged on who has a poorer command of the English language.

“Worser” isn’t the first instance of the Inside the NBA duo showing off their vocabulary (or lack of).

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have had regular “Worser”-Esque moments during their time with TNT. Ernie Johnson, being one to not let that slide, even arranged a Spelling Bee competition for Shaq and Chuck to compare their vocabulary.

In the build-up to the Competition, there also came Shaq’s $10,000 wager with Chuck regarding the spelling of “Spectacular”. And Barkley made an absolute meal of it making for quality entertainment.

The Spelling Bee brought to light more of the same with the stars struggling to get words stitched together.

“Worser” might even seem to be a lesser offense compared to some of the contents of the Spelling Bee.

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