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“He’s still an excellent player even if he’s not at peak form”: Nets head coach Steve Nash warns the return of a prime James Harden

Arjun Julka

"He’s still an excellent player even if he’s not at peak form": Nets head coach Steve Nash warns the return of a prime James Harden

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash reprimands critics doubting James Harden in light of his recent shooting slump. According to various reports, the NBA’s new rule change seems to be affecting The Beard the most.

The Brooklyn Nets have had a bumpy start to their 2021-22 campaign. The Nets are currently 2-2 so far, with James Harden struggling to from the field. The Brooklyn team seems to be missing Kyrie Irving, who is embroiled in the anti-vaccination controversy currently.

Though Kevin Durant has been his usual, averaging 31.8 PPG on 55.8% shooting from the field, his teammate James Harden is yet to arrive at the party. Harden had a rough start to the season, averaging 17.3 PPG on a 36.4% shooting from the field.

In what many believe, the NBA’s new rule change has affected Harden the most. The new rule prevents foul-baiting. The rule change had brought a sigh of relief to the defenders. Harden, who has averaged a career 8.7 free throw attempts, has averaged 3.0 attempts this season thus far.

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Recently, Nets head coach Steve Nash sent a stern warning to Harden’s critics, stating that the superstar is not very far away from being back in his prime.

Steve Nash believes it is a matter of time before James Harden’s shooting slump ends.

There is no doubt that Harden is a bonafide superstar. The Nets guard has 3-peated as the scoring champion of the league from 2018-20. However, Harden has been struggling with a hamstring injury since last season, still causing him discomfort.

According to reports, Nash has no doubts that Harden will be back to his form sooner than later. The Nets coach believes the former Rockets superstar is a great player though not in his best form.

“He’s still an excellent player even if he’s not at peak form and we still believe in him. And he’ll get there in the next few weeks,” said Nash.

The Nets emerged as top contenders to win the chip this year as per several betting sites. The absence of Irving can be clearly felt. Though still a strong contender, the team needs Harden back to his prime form.

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Recently, when asked about being the poster boy of the new rule change, Harden agreed, adding he wasn’t going to complain about it.

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Arjun Julka

Arjun Julka


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