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“I’m Better”: Kiyan Talks Trash to Father Carmelo Anthony Yet Again While Comparing Their Game Film at 16 Y/o

Prateek Singh

"I'm Better": Kiyan Talks Trash to Father Carmelo Anthony Yet Again While Comparing Their Game Film at 16 Y/o

It’s been two years since Carmelo Anthony retired from the league as one of the all-time greats. However, his days dealing with trash-talking are far from over. Melo’s son, Kiyan Anthony, recently showed him that he is not afraid to talk smack to his old man. The father-son duo got competitive over some game film of their 16-year-old selves.

Kiyan is a 17-year-old aspiring basketball player, who plays for Long Island Lutheran High School in New York. Just like every hot-blooded athlete, he likes to think that he’s better than everyone, including his Hall-of-Famer father.

Recently, Ball is Life posted clips of both father and son when they were 16-year-old kids, to analyze who was a better player at that age. Melo’s clip shows him hooping at a Five Star Basketball Camp. He can be seen executing all the basics of basketball, dribbling, shooting, passing, and rebounding. But what makes his case weak is that we barely see him making buckets.


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Kiyan, on the other hand, could be seen dunking the ball on the very first play of his clip. In addition to that, he can also be seen making layups, shooting from long range, dribbling past defenders as his father cheers for him from the sidelines. The Instagram post managed to grab of the attention of the entire Anthony family.

Carmelo Anthony wasn’t impressed with the highlight reel representing him. He thought it was not very flattering. He commented, “@ballislife get me some better clips .”

On the other hand, Kiyan was confident about his highlight reel. He confidently took a dig at his father, “I’m better.” To be fair, from what we see in the clip, he looks like the better hooper.

The clips may have been unfair to Melo, but there’s one thing that we must take into account. The 10-time All-Star had to get his opportunities out of the mud. On the other hand, Kiyan has an NBA legend as his father, teaching him the tricks of the trade from an early age. So it’s very likely that his game would be more polished than a 16-year-old Carmelo.

However, Kiyan’s comments on the post aren’t even scratching the surface as far as the trash talking that Anthony Sr. has to endure.

Carmelo Anthony’s son claims he could ‘fry him’

Not a lot of NBA pros had the courage to challenge the 10-time All-Star like this, but Melo is helpless in front of the competitive youngster in his house. On an episode of 7PM in Brooklyn, Melo and Kid Mero watched a clip of Kiyan comparing his game with his father at age 16.

When asked who’d win in a 1-v-1 at age 16 between the two, Kiyan said, “Nah, I’m frying him. He wasn’t nice until he was 17.”

Even though Melo said that this is disrespectful, his eyes lit up when he saw his son talking with so much confidence. He said, “I’m fuc**ng with the fact that he believes that, and he exuded that confidence… So, no, fu*k out of here, Kiyan.”

Melo did acknowledge that his son is skilled for a 16-year-old, but still, challenging one of the all-time greats might not be the best idea.

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