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“I’m Not Ja Morant”: Bronny James Gets Evaluated by Gilbert Arenas and Shannon Sharpe as He Continues His Draft Combine Process

Prateek Singh

"I'm Not Ja Morant": Bronny James Gets Evaluated By Gilbert Arenas And Shannon Sharpe As He Continues His Draft Combine Process

Bronny James recently unveiled his aspiration to the media during the NBA Draft Combine. All eyes have been on the 19-year-old from the moment he declared for the 2024 draft. Despite the added pressure of being LeBron James’ son, Bronny said that he initially wanted to be like Jrue Holiday, Davion Mitchell, and Derrick White.

On the recent episode of Night Cap, Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas appreciated the 19-year-old for a mature evaluation of self-right before he made his first move to the major league.

Bronny stated during his conversation with the media that he wants to be like Holiday, Mitchell, and White because they’re key players for their teams who get appropriate playing time. They’re also the difference makers for their team who thrive without the pressure of being the leader. He said, “I feel like that’s what I want myself to be and that’s what will make the coach happy.”

According to Arenas, the youngster is on the right track because he has a realistic view of his situation. He said, “The people he named, that’s exactly where his game is right now.”

The three-time All-Star believes Bronny can be a better player than these individuals in the long run, but for now, he is keeping the expectations to the minimum. He said, “He doesn’t have these expectations that the rest of the world have on him.”

Unc also jumped in to comment on Arenas’ point, he said that Bronny is not seeing himself as some players who were stars from the jump. Arenas said, “I’m not Ja Morant. I’m not Westbrook. This is who I am, right? I hit quality shots and I play the game the right way.”

However, not everyone from the media is rooting for Bronny like the Night Cap panel as some believe that he’d stand no chance in the league if he wasn’t LeBron James’ son.

Chandler Parsons believes Bronny James hasn’t done enough to be drafted

To keep it fair, no other upcoming rookie has the same amount of buzz going around for him. Even Alex Sarr, who is expected to be the first pick in the 2024 Draft doesn’t have the media’s attention like Bronny. Even though everyone acknowledges that the 19-year-old has all the talent in the world, if it wasn’t for his father’s status, he would have remained an unknown athlete in the grand scheme of things.

On a recent episode of Run It Back, Parsons said, “He [Bronny James] hasn’t even come close to reaching his potential. But with that being said, he also hasn’t done enough to be drafted to an NBA team without being Bronny James.”

As per the former NBA star, the collective effort of everyone to make LeBron’s dream come true is distracting people from the fact that in the regular course of action, Bronny wouldn’t stand a chance in this year’s draft.

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