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Josh Hart’s 2023 Statement Resurfaces Whilst Averaging ‘Insane’ 46.4 Minutes in 2024 Playoffs

Sourav Bose

Josh Hart’s 2023 Statement Resurfaces Whilst Averaging ‘Insane’ 46.4 Minutes in 2024 Playoffs

Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard – this mantra undoubtedly sparked the latest meteoric rise of Josh Hart. The New York Knicks star is averaging insane minutes in the ongoing playoffs while making his presence felt on the court. Amidst this impressive boost in his status, his year-old statement recently resurfaced, justifying his current actions.

The situation circled Hart’s unthinkable work ethic and output for his franchise in the 2024 playoffs. As per StatMuse, the 29-year-old has featured for a remarkable 46.4 minutes per game in 9 appearances.

Additionally, the Knicks forward is becoming a key cog for his side, registering 17.1 points, 13.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game [per StatMuse]. This has contributed majorly to his team’s praiseworthy 6-3 record in the postseason till now.

His unwavering spirit has caught the attention of the NBA world, prompting them to delve deeper into his mindset. Consequently, Bleacher Report uploaded one of Hart’s 2023 post-game interview clips on Instagram, shedding light on precisely this aspect. On this occasion, the Maryland had openly declared the following:

“Our jobs is to play basketball…You got people getting up at 6 AM, doing 12-hour shifts. Those guys are tired. For us, we’re playing the game. Obviously, we’re fortunate enough to play a game like this but we have to keep that in perspective…So, we gotta make sure we’re full of energy and lively every time we step on the court”.


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His expression of gratitude while putting light the spotlight on the underprivileged people’s difficulties earned the supporter’s approval. His comments turned several NBA fans into his devotees, with one of them writing in the comment section, “If Josh Hart has a million fans, I’m his biggest. If Josh Hart has 10 fans, I’m one of them. If Josh Hart has 1 fan, I’m him. If Josh Hart has 0 fans, I am dead”.

The listeners could certainly relate to his response, with one of them stating, “Literally me getting off my 12-hour shift”. Another hinted at the same while applauding Hart’s maturity, commenting, “Now thats someone down to earth. Playing a game they love making millions, he understands how fortunate he is”.

Thus, Hart’s understanding and acknowledgment of his privileged position in society became driving forces for him. The 6ft 4″ star considered himself one of the lucky ones for getting to work for what he loved. Over time, this has translated into him becoming a leading figure in the roster while creating a difference with his on-court endeavors.

A closer look at the relentlessness of Josh Hart

Hart is currently averaging the highest minutes per game in the 2024 playoffs. The Knicks star has surpassed his peers by a significant margin in this regard. As per Basketball Reference, he remains ahead of Luka Doncic, Jalen Brunson, and Tyrese Maxey on the list.

This has aided in him recording the fourth most minutes per game in a single NBA playoff run in the league’s history. As per StatMuse, his current work ethic only ranked him behind Allen Iverson (47.6 mpg), Gilbert Arenas (47.3 mpg), and Shawn Marion (47 mpg).

This puts into perspective how marvelous Hart’s contributions have been to the Knicks. The NBA forward seems to be giving his everything to ensure a championship for his franchise. So, it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the long run following his unquestionable efforts.

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