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Kobe Bryant battled $25 million Heat star by playing mind games by complimenting his son

Nithin Joseph
|Mon Aug 15 2022

Kobe Bryant would do anything to win. Even resorting to mind games with one of the great NBA defenders in Shane Battier!

Shane Battier has a net worth of $25 million, and he was a vital part of the Heat teams that won two rings with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, filling in as a perfect three-and-d player.

Ever since he was drafted to the NBA, Kobe Bryant has been obsessed with one thing, winning. The Black Mamba worked on himself in order to improve both physically and mentally.

It was the dedication toward reaching perfection that inspired the idea of the Mamba Mentality. A mindset that helped Kobe win five NBA championships.

Nevertheless, Bryant remained humble through it all. Even remaining focused despite having victory in sight on a number of occasions!

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Despite being humble in victory, Kobe Bean did everything possible to achieve victory. Including complimenting an opponent’s son as part of a mind game.

Kobe Bryant complimented Shane Battier’s newborn son as a means of playing mind games on him

Kobe Bryant is no stranger to mind games, having been both the receiver and sender of the same. Yet, he never let anything get to him.

However, the same cannot be said for Kobe’s opponents. Many have been enamored by the Mamba Mentality, and as such got lost in some of Bryant’s intricate mind games.

Then again, there are few who stayed strong, like Shane Battier. The gritty defender recently recalled some of his best battles with the Mamba, including a Playoff series where Kobe tried getting in his head by complimenting his newborn son.

It certainly is one of the more interesting strategies employed by the Hall of Famer, and although it didn’t really affect his rival, he still managed to come out on top.

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