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“Kobe Bryant’s Piece Didn’t Just Snap Back in!”: Gary Vitti Once Went Into the Gritty Details of Black Mamba’s Most Painful Moment

Nithin Joseph

"Kobe Bryant's Piece Didn't Just Snap Back in!": Gary Vitti Once Went Into the Gritty Details of Black Mamba's Most Painful Moment

There can be no denying the greatness of Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba is a legend of the game whose dominance on the court is known far and wide.

But, even a legend like Kobe had his struggles. To be specific, the five-time NBA Champion struggled with injuries, especially at the tail end of his career.

That didn’t stop him though. Given the chance, Bryant would play through injury. Like the time when he dislocated his finger, popped it back in, and continued playing.

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Gary Vitti shares the gruesome details of one of the worst injuries Kobe Bryant suffered

Over the years, Gary Vitti has seen many things during his time as head trainer of the LA Lakers. From amazing athletic feats to horrendous injuries.

One such injury included the time Kobe Bryant dislocated his finger mid-game. It was perhaps the worst dislocation Vitti had ever seen. But, what was more startling for him, as he revealed to Byron Scott, was the way the Black Mamba dealt with it like it was nothing.

“He dislocated his finger, and it can be really really difficult depending on the dislocation to get that back in. That particular dislocation was extremely difficult. If you look at my face, I’m gritting my teeth, pulling on that thing. Finally, it goes back into place. And as soon as it goes in…he was gone! Like I patted him on the head like, “okay! It’s gonna be okay”. Next thing I know, he was gone! That in and of itself showed the toughness and the tenacity of Kobe Bryant.”

A true testament to Kobe’s mentality. His Mamba Mentality did not allow him to give up, even when his body has.

Kobe once shot free throws with a torn Achilles

A dislocated finger wasn’t the worst thing that has happened to Kobe Bryant. Perhaps his worst injury came later on in his career when he suffered a torn Achilles injury. But, that didn’t stop him from taking two clutch free throws for his team.

Kobe was a true warrior. From the start of his career to the end. One of the greatest of all time.

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