“Michael Jordan pounded on Chuck Daly’s door to get a rematch in golf”: NBA75 legend pestered the Pistons head coach for a round of golf after losing to him the day before

Samir Mehdi
|Published February 22, 2022

Michael Jordan went to great lengths to get another round of golf in against Chuck Daly after losing to him the day before. 

Michael Jordan has had a love for the game of golf ever since he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and frankly, a bit before that as he would frequent golf courses during his junior year as a Tar Heel. He started off by driving around the golf cart over the green and would eventually pick up the club himself to go a holes. 

The rest is history as nearly 4 decades later and the world has seen the Bulls legend’s golf game evolve along with his obsession over the game. He even claimed golf to be the most difficult sport in the world, snubbing Basketball and the other sport he indulged in (baseball).

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As most things with Michael, he brought an otherworldly competitive spirit to golf as well. Scottie Pippen admits to refusing a set of golfs as a gift from Michael Jordan during his rookie season, knowing Jordan was just trying to lure him onto the course to bet money with him. 

Michael Jordan obsessed over getting a rematch against Chuck Daly at golf. 

The 1992 Dream Team summer was when Michael Jordan was famously starting to get a bit tired of playing basketball. He was overwhelmed and took solace in golf at times. During this summer, Dream Team head coach, Chuck Daly, played a round of golf with Jordan, winning the game by one shot.

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Knowing Jordan’s incessant need to win at quite nearly everything he does, losing to Daly was something he could not let go. The fact that Daly coached the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons may have had something to do with it but that’s not specified. 

Sports Illustrated columnist, Rick Reilly, described what happened, saying: 

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Jordan rang Daly’s room. Getting no response, he went directly to Daly’s room and knocked. Then he pounded. He wouldn’t go away until he got his rematch. He got it and he won by one shot. But would you expect anything else?”

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