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“NBA’s Rock Paper Scissors”: Skip Bayless Left Astounded by Pelicans, Kings, and Lakers

Sourav Bose

“NBA’s Rock Paper Scissors”: Skip Bayless Left Astounded by Pelicans, Kings, and Lakers

The latest 105-98 win of the New Orleans Pelicans against the Sacramento Kings completed the Western Conference playoff bracket. The nature of the outcomes of the Play-in tournament has left Skip Bayless astounded as he expressed his opinion on X (formerly Twitter).

Following the conclusion of the Play-in game, the 72-year-old posted,

“The NBA’s rock/paper/scissors astounds me. The Kings CANNOT BEAT the Pels, who CANNOT BEAT the Lakers, who CANNOT BEAT the Kings”.

Bayless’ astonishment is sparked by the consistent series of outcomes from these teams’ matchups. For instance, the Pelicans’ recent win extended their dominance over the Kings since the start of the campaign. The Louisiana organization remained on a 6-0 run against the California side going into this playoffs.

At the same time, the 7/8 clash in midweek unfolded a similar story. The Lakers secured a 110-106 victory over the Pelicans on that occasion to enter the playoffs as the 7th-seeded team. This triumph ensured their third victory over the conference rivals in four games in this campaign, hinting at one-sided authority.

Interestingly, the Kings’ matchup with the Lakers followed the same pattern throughout the regular season. Even though the teams did not lock horns in the Play-in tournament, a clash between them would have probably favored the Sac Town. After all, the latter maintained a 4-0 run against the LA organization this time around.

These games’ results seemingly surprised Bayless, as it would have done to many. However, the NBA community was far from impressed with it, citing the impact of in-game matchups in deciding the outcomes.

How did the NBA fans react to the post from Skip Bayless?

The viewers united to express a nearly similar viewpoint in the comments. With an underlying tone of mockery, one of them wrote, “Wow Skip bayless learns that some teams matchup better against others”.

Another showcased the exact same viewpoint while pondering about the Lakers’ capability. Uploading a GIF of LeBron James’ celebration, the supporter mentioned, “This is why matchups are important I still don’t know why the Lakers can’t beat the kings for some reason”.

Another extended on a similar stance while mocking the Lakers in the process. Downplaying the franchises’ chances in the first round against the Denver Nuggets, the fan declared, Lakers cant beat the nuggets… really is all about matchups huh. Nuggets in 5 lol“.

The replies from fans highlighted the lack of game understanding on the analyst’s part this time around. The followers consequently capitalized on the moment to get one over Bayless ahead of the playoffs.

This instance might be yet another forgettable statement from the Fox Sports analyst, with the fans closely inspecting him from afar.

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Sourav Bose

Sourav Bose


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