“Screaming for another human is sort of waste, I won’t miss that”: When Michael Jordan made it clear he wouldn’t ever look back at his career and miss the screams and cheers from fans

Samir Mehdi
|Published April 11, 2022

Michael Jordan once admitted that he did not like fans screaming and cheering for him, saying he wouldn’t miss it when he retired. 

A testament to how popular Michael Jordan was during his heyday would be the fact that he’s still widely considered to be the most talked about North American athlete in the US despite having been retired for 2 decades. His runs with the Chicago Bulls have become mythologized to a certain extent due to how dominant they were. 

6 championships in 6 tries with not a single one of those Finals reaching a Game 7 is one of the most remarkable feats in all of sports history. The Bulls’ excellence coupled with the fact that someone as dynamic as Michael Jordan was at the helm of it all cemented their 1990s runs as some of the greatest in NBA history.

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Quite nearly anything Michael did was put under a microscope, everything from his gambling habits to his treatment of teammates during Bulls and Wizards practice. Even in retirement, MJ is at the forefront of several news cycles with him being the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. 

Like Kevin Durant, there’s someone telling a Michael Jordan story somewhere every day and that has everything to do with the allure of who Jordan was. 

Michael Jordan on the constant cheering. 

Michael Jordan was on the record when he said that being him would not be easy in the slightest. He never fully adjusted to the constant limelight and spotlight he received from fans and the media as he never really liked it in the first place.

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His popularity skyrocketed during his time in Barcelona as his stellar play was put on display for the world to see in the summer of 1992. That same year, he would do an interview with Playboy where he talked about what he wouldn’t miss when his career came to an end. 

“I won’t miss the glare; I won’t miss the aggravations of people waiting for autographs at all times of the night. The hotels, I won’t miss all of that that. I won’t miss the screams either.”

“Screaming for another human being is sort of a waste. What’s the purpose of screaming? You’re not hurt, are you? I don’t need the screams and the cheers and I’m not going to wake up in the middle of the night and say, ‘Why did the screaming stop?’ Because I didn’t really need it to keep me going anyway.”

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