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Shaquille O’Neal Goes Off on Shannon Sharpe Yet Again While Flexing His Own G14 Classification Achievements

Prateek Singh

Shaquille O’Neal Goes Off Shannon Sharpe Yet Again While Flexing His Own G14 Classification Achievements

It has been tough to keep track of all kinds of beef taking place in popular culture lately. However, the most unexpected and probably the most unnecessary beef is the one between Shaquille O’Neal and Shannon Sharpe. Right from its origin to how it unfolded, everything seemed a bit out of place but the two titans are holding their ground. As soon as it started to seem like the beef had died down, Shaq is back with yet another jab aimed at the NFL legend where he flexed his G14 classification.

After everything, there were still some things that the four-time NBA champion needed to get off his chest. During a recent conversation on ‘Point Game’, the big fella boasted about his G14 classification. He said, “In order to talk about certain things, you have to have G14 classification.” The G14 classification is a 1998 American action-comedy movie ‘Rush Hour’ reference.

It all started when Shaq shouted out Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, his favorite MVP contender, after Jokic won his third MVP title in four years. Since both the gentlemen are involved in the media business, unc said on his show that what Shaq did was unnecessary. Since then, there have been several clapbacks on their respective shows, social media, and one diss track from Shaq.


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Apart from flexing his specialty in the sports world, Shaq clowned unc for not being on his level and then flexed some more. The big man said, “You say you don’t take me seriously, why do I have three retired jerseys? Why do I have two statues? Why do I have four balls sitting right behind me?”

Clearly, the big fella has the bragging rights between the two. Interestingly, the said “four balls” behind him turned out to be his Emmy Awards. Despite having all that hardware stacked in his mansion, there’s one that probably still keeps him up at night.

Shaquille O’Neal and his issue with the MVP voting process

It’s funny how Shaq has latched onto the topic of MVP for a long time, and it has put him in the crosshairs of many people. Before he started defending Shai’s position as an MVP contender, the big fella went at Steve Nash for having one more MVP title than him.

In fact, Shaq never liked the fact that his little brother, the late, great Kobe Bryant was awarded only one MVP title during his stellar career while Nash received two.

During a conversation on ‘NBA in Stephen A.’s World’, in 2022, Shaq said that he never understood the voting process for the MVP title. In his opinion, it’s impossible that Nash had more MVP-worthy seasons than him and Kobe. Shaq said,

“You talk about all these guys, having three or four. How do they have three or four and Kobe only got one and I got one? There’s something wrong with it.” Unfortunately, that can’t be changed, but the big fella has enough trophies to brag in front of the elites.

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