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Stephen Jackson refuses to part with $20 million fortune, abandons fiance at the altar 

Hemanth Amar

Stephen Jackson refuses to part with $20 million fortune, abandons fiance at the altar 

Stephen Jackson claims he abandoned Imani Showalter at the altar because she refused to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Stephen Jackson was a 14-year NBA veteran who won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2003. Jackson remained a problematic player, which did not change after his final days in the NBA.

Jackson played in the NBA for 14 years before retiring in 2014. He established himself as a solid player during his tenure, averaging 15 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game on 41.4 percent shooting.

And, while  Jackson has plenty of stories to tell about his time on the basketball court, his most recent story (which has captured the attention of the media) had to do with his business behind the scenes.

Reality television is not for everyone. Opening your life to the world for public scrutiny is complex. Being part of an ensemble cast with only minutes of a scenario shown is a common complaint among reality stars. That was the case for Imani Showalter, a former Basketball Wives: LA star.

Showalter appeared on the show for one season and then vanished. She had been in a long-term relationship with former NBA star Stephen Jackson.

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Stephen Jackson explains why he left former “Basketball Wives” star, Imani Showalter, at the altar

Stephen Jackson and Imani Showalter were engaged to be married. when he called off the wedding the day before.

Jackson admits that his relationship with Showalter was rocky at times, but he proposed to her with the intention of starting a family and insisted on his love for her. Despite his feelings for her, he made it clear that whoever he married would have to sign a prenup. He claims he discussed it with her and she agreed to sign the agreement.

The prenuptial agreement arrived four months before the wedding, according to Jackson, but Showalter took her time signing it. She promised that it would be signed before their wedding day, and Jackson took her word for it, claiming that he was still working on wedding plans.

On the day of their wedding, Jackson claims he asked their nanny, who was also a family friend, whether Showalter had signed the prenuptial agreement. The nanny admitted that Showalter was refusing to sign the document. He immediately called off the wedding.

Jackson and his groomsmen stayed at the venue and partied despite the fact that there was no wedding. He also admitted to having sexual relations with a member of Showalter’s bridal party the night after he canceled the wedding.

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