Cover Image for “You Look Like My Son In This Pic, Congrats Tho”: Kevin Durant Teases P.J. Tucker For His NBA Finals Post On Instagram

“You Look Like My Son In This Pic, Congrats Tho”: Kevin Durant Teases P.J. Tucker For His NBA Finals Post On Instagram

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Tue Aug 03 2021

P.J. Tucker is on his way out after a memorable season with the Milwaukee Bucks, and his farewell post got called out by Kevin Durant.

Tucker leaving the Bucks this offseason was kind of a surprising move given the fact that he had built great chemistry with his teammates and was a big part of the Bucks championship run.

However, perhaps seeking more money or due to differences during negotiations, Tucker left for the Miami Heat this offseason joining a suddenly very good Miami team that features Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo.


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Kevin Durant Trolls P.J. Tucker For Looking Like Son In An Instagram Picture

P.J. Tucker is always going to down in Bucks history for the contributions he made during this season. He joined Milwaukee midway through this NBA season after the Houston Rockets decided to go the rebuilding route after trading James Harden.

During the Bucks’ celebration, Tucker was all over the place, enjoying his taste of NBA immortality.

However, Durant didn’t care about all those things when he commented on PJ Tucker’s post. His comment says “Can’t front, u lookin like my son in this pic. Congrats tho broski.”

Durant is always finding ways to troll people on social media, regardless of whatever they’re posting, and his comment on PJ Tucker’s post.

Although it seems like Durant is beefing with Tucker, that’s definitely not the case. Tucker and Durant have mutual respect for each other, and this was nothing more than just some friendly banter.

Durant and Tucker have had some incredible battles over the year in the NBA playoffs, and their chronicles are sure not to end now. Miami could become a top contender in the Eastern Conference, and it’s very possible that we see Tucker vs. Durant at some point again.

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