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“You Were Holding his Damn Hands”: LeBron James and Anthony Davis Couldn’t Believe David Blaine’s Magic Trick

Nithin Joseph

"You Were Holding his Damn Hands": LeBron James and Anthony Davis Couldn't Believe David Blaine's Magic Trick

LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all time. Known for his longevity, The King has spent 20 years in the NBA. However, despite his extended time in the league, there are things in this world even he hasn’t seen. And, what he and Anthony Davis, along with other Lakers players, saw magician David Blaine do left them bewildered.

There isn’t much that fazes Bron. After all, he’s an accomplished athlete with a net worth of $1 billion. If there was something he wanted to experience or see, he could probably just pay for it. But, a good magic trick isn’t easily bought.

So, back in 2021 when David Blaine visited the Lakers gym he targeted both LeBron and his superstar teammate AD. The magician decided to perform a card trick on the duo and despite all their caution and supervision, they couldn’t stop Blaine from giving them a shock.

David Blaine’s incredible magic trick left both LeBron James and Anthony Davis stunned

What LeBron James does on the basketball court certainly looks like magic. The man is an athletic freak, who has the strength of a big man, but the speed and grace of a point guard as well. It’s almost like he can do anything on the hardwood floor.

But, when faced with real magic, even King James has to bow down to the greats. And, in 2021 that was David Blaine. Blaine, a renowned illusionist ad endurance artist performed a few tricks in the Lakers gym for all to see. It just so happened that Bron and Lakers forward Anthony Davis were his first victims.

The trick started off with Blaine asking Davis to sign a card he picked out from a deck. In an attempt to get an advantage over him, both LeBron and AD went to another room to sign.

Upon their return, Blaine put the card back in the deck and instructed the two men to hold one of his hands. Limiting his mobility, much like a set of handcuffs. Unfortunately, this did nothing as he performed the trick anyway, leaving both The Brow and The King to bicker amongst each other. David Blaine posted the video of his trick on his youtube channel.

Davis: “You were holding his damn hands man!”

LeBron: “Man…you saw the deck getting smaller and smaller!”

Jimmy Butler and Stephen Curry were left disgusted by David Blaine’s frog trick

LeBron James is just one of the NBA superstars that David Blaine has mesmerized. However, prior to the meeting with The King, David was at a party filled with celebrities. Drake, Dave Chappelle, and NBA superstars Stephen Curry and Jimmy Butler were in attendance. It was here that Blaine proceeded to vomit out frogs, forcing guests to cover their mouths in disgust.

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