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Newcastle’s Miguel Almiron is playing out his career exactly like Santiago Munez

Rishabh Gupta

miguel almiron santiago munez

Miguel Almiron joined Newcastle earlier this year and his career is now compared to the fictional character of Santiago Munez.

Miguel Almiron joined Newcastle United from American club Atlanta United earlier this month. He scored 21 goals in 62 appearances for the side before making a 21 million pounds switch to the Premier League.

He has had an impressive time at the club so far as Newcastle have improved their position in the league significantly since his arrival.

Reminds you of someone?

Those who have watched the movie ‘Goal’ can certainly relate Almiron with Santiago Munez, a fictional character whose career began similarly.

There’s another uncanny resemblance between the two. The move shows Santiago Munez working at a Chinese restaurant in his younger days.

Guess what? Capital North East reports that Miguel Almiron also used to work for a Chinese restaurant in his youth. Both come from Latin America, which makes the scenarios all the more familiar.

The 25-year-old attacking midfielder received praise from his manager Rafael Benitez as well. “He did really well (on Saturday). We knew he could give us pace and energy and he did it. Everything we were expecting from him, he did it and he did it well,” the Newcastle manager said after Newcastle’s 2-0 win over Huddersfield last weekend.

Santiago Munez goes on to join Real Madrid in the movie where he becomes a successful footballer, lifting the Champions League title as well.

To think about it is quite far-fetched. However, if Almiron continues on his good form, we might as well have a real-life version of Santiago Munez in the league!

Newcastle are currently 13th in the Premier League after they secured two back-to-back wins over Huddersfield and Burnley. They’re currently seven points behind the seventh-placed Wolverhamton Wanderers and will take on West Ham United this weekend.

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