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Who should be the next head coach of Team India?

Aakash Verma

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The end was near. Everyone could sense it. Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli just could not reconcile with each other. With Kumble stepping down or being forced to step down by a demanding captain, here are the top 5 options that the Advisory Committee can choose from so that they can decide who should be the next coach of team India.

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Among the applications received for the post of Indian coach, Dodda Ganesh was a relatively unknown name. He is a former Karnataka pacer who has coached Goa team for 4 years. Presently a selector of the Karnataka state team, Dodda Ganesh is the underdog on this list.

He has coached under 16 and under  19 teams at the National Cricket Academy. However, he is pretty inexperienced at the senior level and may not be the ideal candidate. However, we cannot discount him as with a captain like Kohli, an unknown personality may gel well and ego clashes may not happen resulting in a positive dressing room atmosphere.


Pybus is a man who failed to make an impact in List A in accordance to his potential mostly due to injuries. However, he has been a pretty good coach over the years. He was the coach of the Pakistan team in 1999 when they made it to the finals in the World Cup. He was reappointed in the 2000s during which he was not as successful as the previous time.

Pybus has won trophies for the Titans and Cape Cobras in South Africa as their coach. After coaching Bangladesh for 5 months and an early exit due to contract disputes, Richard was director of West Indies cricket for 3 years. His coaching abilities are amazing and may be the perfect man to take over the reins from Kumble as he is an experienced coach who can handle a young team and a young captain.


This is a household name in most Indian families. Rajput was the manager of the Indian team in 2007 when India went on to win the inaugural World T20 in South Africa. He was a Mumbai batsman with a decent batting record in his playing days. He also coached the India A and India under 19 teams for a while which were pretty successful as well.

He has also coached the Mumbai Ranji squad and has been pretty efficient. Rajput was interviewed last year as well but Kumble made the cut then. He was subsequentrly appointed as the coach of the Afghanistan national team which has grown in a phenomenal manner. Rajput has tasted success as a coach almost everywhere and it may be time to look at him for the Indian national team as he is a jewel  India never valued.


Tom Moody has been running for the post of the Indian coach for a long time. Earlier, Greg Chappell was preferred over him and last year, Anil Kumble made the cut. He has been a terrific coach and would be hoping to make the cut this time around. Moody has coached the Sri Lankan team during the 2007 World Cup when the island nation made it to the finals. He coached Western Australia after that. He has also been an IPL coach for a long time.

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In the inaugural few seasons, he was with the Kings XI Punjab and led them to the semi finals once. Moody was appointed as the coach of the Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2013 and has done an impeccable job for them. Sunrisers won the trophy under Moody in 2016. Tom has also overseen the Melborne Renegades in the BBL and has been pretty successful there as well. It might just be time to give Moody the long rope of managing the Indian cricket team at least till the World Cup kin 2019.


Sehwag has been a carefree cricketer all his life. He has been an outspoken commentator and a no-diplomatic coach of the Kings XI Punjab. He was the mentor of the Kings XI Punjab last year. This year he was elevated to the position of the Director of the team. Punjab performed much better and ended up 5th on the table.

However, Viru minced no words while lashing out at his players and criticized the overseas players for their no show. Sehwag also shares a good rapport with Kohli, both being from Delhi. Hence, it should make things easier for coordination in the team which is clearly lacking. Maybe the carefree nature of Sehwag can help Virat calm down a bit and show some sensibility on the field.

However, Anil Kumble would still have been a much better coach than any of the applicants. Kumble, the so-called hard task master, has delivered the goods and made India win almost everything. That is what you want and not the useless attitude and arrogance shown by the captain when the bowler picks up a wicket. Lets admit it! It is over the top. Giving a veto power to the captain can be a dangerous precedence for the future. Do you want a coach or a yes man? Anil Kumble shall be missed.

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