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Aaron Rodgers Admits He Had a “Strong Fear Of Death” As a Teenager For a Conspiracy Theory Surrounding Y2K

Anushree Gupta

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has been a largely controversial figure despite his status as one of the best quarterbacks of his time. Though his disputed statements have often stunned the football world, he has never shied away from sharing his experiences with the fans. This time again. Rodgers had an interesting story about the Y2K apocalypse, believed to bring down civilizations.

It is common knowledge that many, including corporate chiefs and the government, were aware of a conspiracy theory that talked about an impending apocalypse in 2000. While the theory in question has never been substantiated, there was a general feeling of dread and apprehension among people.

Surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers had a similar experience as he revealed his fear of death on the  I Can Fly’ Podcast and narrated how even headstrong personalities like him suffered the fear of the 2000 crash.

“I had a really strong fear of death for most of my childhood,” started Rodgers, adding, “Anybody around my age, I was born facing fears and finding strength in 1983, knows how strange it was to be a teenager. When Y2K was coming and how I grew up Y2K was probably a bigger deal.”

Although the fear of death was a nagging annoyance for most of his childhood, Rodgers was more scared about not being able to fulfill his dreams. The 40-year-old was always sure that he wanted to be an NFL player, something that he has done fabulously for almost two decades now. Still, the quarterback faced numerous challenges in his path, one of which led to an intriguing and interesting encounter.

Aaron Rodgers Found Solace From Fears During His Ayahuasca Ceremony

Although injuries are quite common for an NFL player, A-Rod worried his career was over after he suffered a recent Achilles tear.  Moreover, during his recovery journey, Rodgers was bothered by the fear of death once again as he wandered off into the forests of Costa Rica for his ayahuasca ceremony. A three-night affair, the ceremony got immense attraction from fans and followers, as Rodgers embraced the rituals under a shaman’s guidance.

While Aaron Rodgers has talked about the ayahuasca ceremony in the past, he took this opportunity to explain exactly how the healing works. According to the quarterback, the flow of energy was deeper than expected and it helped him find his purpose in life, along with safety and self-love.

“I felt a hundred different hands on my body just imparting this energetic prayer for safety, for protection, for guidance, for self-love, for trust, for surrender, for all these different things and I came out of there going okay- this life has a purpose, my life matters and this is not the end this is just another step in the journey.”

Describing it as an experience of ‘deeper love’ for himself, the ceremony helped Rodgers alter his perception of life. This might come in handy for the quarterback as he suffered a massive setback in his debut year with the New York Jets and will be looking to make a comeback in 2024.

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