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Bo Nix Reveals Receiving Text From John Elway Made His Father “Mad”

Anushree Gupta

Bo Nix Reveals Receiving Text From John Elway Made His Father “Mad”

Bo Nix’s emergence as a quarterback for the Denver Broncos has ignited hope among fans. Meanwhile, his comparison to Drew Brees has also garnered the attention that rung the NFL just after his selection at 12th overall. But only when John Elway reached out to the former Oregon QB did it make Nix’s father jealous, or, in the star QB’s words, ‘Mad.’

During a recent press conference after Denver’s rookie minicamp practice, Bo Nix shared the excitement of receiving a text from Elway, a Broncos legend. However, he also revealed that the message made his father a little jealous, as Elway was his favorite player growing up.

“Yeah, he did reach out, and uh, that was a cool text for sure,” Nix said. “Made my dad a little mad, I think, ’cause that was his favorite growing up. So, um, he was a little jealous. But, um, it was awesome, and it was kind of like, ‘Wow, is this really happening?’ But, um, you know, when you’re in a special city like that, everybody supports the next generation, and so that’s one thing I took from that.”

Elway’s interest in Nix was evident even before the draft, as he predicted the Broncos’ first-round pick would be a quarterback named “Nix”. He confessed that the former Ducks’ abilities have managed to impress him. He also believes that Nix fits the Broncos’ preferences, which will help him thrive under head coach Sean Payton.

Bo Nix Has John Elway’s Vote

John Elway, the former Broncos GM and a key figure in Denver football history has given his approval of the club’s decision to draft Bo Nix from Oregon. Elway’s sentiments come amidst mixed reactions across the NFL media landscape regarding Nix’s selection, with some expressing skepticism about his age, while others argue that he will fail to translate his collegiate success into the big league.

However, Elway’s confidence in Nix’s potential remains unwavering. In a statement to 9NEWS‘ Mike Klis, Elway expressed excitement about the pick, labeling it as a great choice for his former team. He highlighted Nix’s extensive experience in football and mentioned hearing positive things about the star QB’s character.

While Elway admitted that he didn’t delve deeply into scouting the 2024 draft class as he did during his tenure as Broncos GM, he did watch some films. He particularly liked Bo Nix and Michael Penix, acknowledging their potential fit under head coach Sean Payton.

“They had to get a quarterback, and I liked Nix,’’ said Elway, in his time with Klis. “The other kid I liked was the kid that went at 8, (Michael) Penix.”

John Elway also threw light on Bo Nix’s fit under Sean Payton’s patronage: “But I watched them and both are really good players and Nix fits with what Sean likes. He’s started a lot of games, he’s athletic and makes all the throws.”

Surely, Elway’s support for Nix provides a boost of confidence for the rookie quarterback as he embarks on his NFL journey with the Denver Broncos.

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