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Consumed by the Tom Brady Roast, Rob Gronkowski Can’t Stop Thinking About the Unfiltered Jibes

Anushree Gupta

Consumed by the Tom Brady Roast, Rob Gronkowski Can’t Stop Thinking About the Unfiltered Jibes

The Tom Brady roast was undoubtedly a moment of a lifetime, where the Patriots dynasty came together to humorously tease each other. While nothing except his kids was out of bounds for the comedians, even Brady’s friends became the subject of fiery shots. A few days later, Rob Gronkowski is still consumed by the event, unable to shake off the memories of the laughter-filled evening.

Taking to social media, Rob Gronkowski hyped up the ‘GROAT on Netflix‘ as he shared his thoughts on the epic roast. Confessing to rewatch it with the same enthusiasm each day since Gronk talked about how the jokes still tickled him.

“It’s like four (5) days later and I’m still laughing about the roast. One of the greatest nights ever. I’ve been laughing for literally three hours every day about it. Wow, great times.”

His story makes sense as the amusement of the Roast hit many. His appreciation for the event is also evident, which has made him label it the “Greatest Roast of All Time!!”

Gronkowski, along with other ex-NFL stars like Randy Moss and Peyton Manning, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Despite being frequently targeted by comedians like Nikki Glaser, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Jeff Ross, Rob Gronkowski was thrilled to be an integral part of the event.

Comedians Took Shots at Every Aspect of Rob Gronkowski’s Life

Rob Gronkowski found himself at the center of attention during the Tom Brady roast, with comedians and roasters taking aim at his intelligence and playful demeanor quite a few times. For instance, Jeff Ross delivered a creative jab at the former NFL star’s counting abilities, quipping,

“Tom, your teammates are all here at the beautiful, sold-out Los Angeles Forum. By the way, ‘Forum’ is also how Rob Gronkowski counts to five.”

Nikki Glaser also joined in on the fun, poking Gronkowski’s perception of cryptocurrency, suggesting, “Tom, how did you fall for that? Even Gronk was like, ‘Me know that not real money.'”

The joke saw Glaser imitate Rob Gronkowski’s childlike innocence, which tickled the fans to their cores. Tony Hinchcliffe added to the hilarious night, likening Gronkowski to a child writing Santa letters as he quipped,

“Gronk, I’m glad you could take a break from writing Santa letters to be here today. I knew you were here when we were all out of chocolate milk backstage.”

However, Rob Gronkowski didn’t shy away from delivering his own jabs, targeting Brady’s dietary habits and on-field performance. In an unscripted moment, Gronkowski even teased Brady about his sisters, prompting Brady to jokingly stand up and threaten Gronk.

Additionally, Gronk took humorous shots at their former teammate, Julian Edelman, adding to the playful atmosphere of the roast. Overall, Rob Gronkowski’s presence added to the lightheartedness of the event, with his playful spirit still shining through.

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