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Denver Broncos QB Decision: Bo Nix Should Be Set Up For Success, But How?

Utsav Khanna

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The Broncos looked comfortable taking Bo Nix with the number 12 pick. But how soon can they expect the 24-year-old to take the field? Well, if former kick returner Bucky Brooks were making the decisions, he’d sit out for the first few games.

The idea is to set Nix up for success in the league. And with a solid roster, the Broncos might just be able to pull it off. Even before the whole debacle with Russ and Coach Payton, they were a few pieces away from having it all. And thus, if Payton plays it right he can deliver a smooth running machinery for Nix to fit into with the help of none other than journeyman QB Jarrett Stidham.

Nix has the collegiate experience to start in the league. There is an argument to be made that they can put him in against the Seahawks itself. But there are easier ways to get this done, according to the hosts of Move the Sticks podcast, Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks.

Jeremiah says,

“if you’re looking for an easier entry point.. ..let’s just watch a few weeks here, go through your week of preparation, practice, get comfortable, see it from the sideline, get a little bit of a feel for the speed.”

The NFL is a fast game. There are 65-71 offensive plays on average in a game. And the velocity of these plays takes time for college athletes to get accustomed to. Thus, it might make sense for them to use Jarrett Stidham and fight through the first four games.

The First Four Games Crucial to Set Bo Nix Up For Success

All four opponents in the first weeks are fierce but victory is possible. They take on the Seahawks first, followed by the Steelers, Bucs, and the Jets. Yes, they take on Wilson in week 2 and it might make for good TV if he goes up against his eventual successor, but Coach Payton might not be going for good TV.

The first four fixtures provide respite for the Broncos. They can try and battle through with an experienced Stidham. Wait out the first wave and possibly decide at that point. If Stidham proves himself and comes out as a decent starter, it might help Nix to sit out as long as possible. And best case scenario, take the Patrick Mahomes route to the pro stage.

They also hold Zac Wilson if they want to first try out everything and prepare Nix behind the scenes. The Broncos quarterback room isn’t looking as bad as expected when Russ exited in January.

Nix finds himself as the drafted quarterback in a city that had not invested a first-round pick in his position for the last 18 years. Succeeding Jay Cutler in a city that has craved good quarterbacks for a while is a good gig to have. And he seems up for the challenge and the honor.

The future is set for both Nix and Broncos and if they play their cards right, they can be part of a revival that has always fared well for the NFL. The Broncos are a powerhouse of fans who will be overjoyed to find themselves at the top of the mountain.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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