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Fans Rip Brittany Mahomes For Filming Daughter Sterling Trying to Look at the Eclipse With Naked Eyes


Brittany Mahomes Instagram: NFL WAG Shares Adorable Visuals of Daughter Sterling Ahead of Little Angel's 3rd Birthday

As America geared up to watch its first total solar eclipse since 2017, the Mahomes fam was also throwing its own intimate eclipse viewing party. Brittany Mahomes shared visuals from the viewing party on her social media, with one particular moment going viral on the internet. While that moment saw Patrick Mahomes become a hero dad, Brittany herself came under fire for the same moment.

In a video posted by Brittany Mahomes on her Instagram story, Patrick Mahomes can be seen leaping toward Sterling as the young girl starts to glance up at the eclipse. Even as Mahomes runs to shield her with his outstretched arms, Brittany’s voice warns while laughing, “Don’t look, Sterling,”

This, apparently, was not a good enough response from Brittany, as many wondered out loud why she was acting so casual about something that could have been really dangerous. Some even questioned her decision to keep filming instead of going to protect her daughter like Patrick. Some of the tweets slamming Brittany:

While Patrick Mahomes ended up becoming the hero for his swift response and saving the day, Brittany unwittingly ended up becoming the bad guy. But this is nothing new for the former soccer player, who has gotten the short end of the stick on multiple occasions, often being criticized for mundane things. As her new best friend said, “haters gonna hate hate hate.”

The Mahomes Family Eclipse Watch Party

The Mahomes family made a whole event out of the eclipse, as Brittany diligently shared the glimpses from the watch party on her social media. While one clip showed Patrick Mahomes leaping to protect his three-year-old daughter, one clip showed Patrick holding her while they both covered their eyes with protective glasses.

“Sterling, what do you see?” Brittany asked the toddler from behind the camera. “I see the moon,” Sterling adorably responded even as her dad kept looking up in awe while holding her. Meanwhile, the youngest Mahomes was busy playing with a brook, oblivious to the historic moment happening in the sky.

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