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New England Quarterback Update: Patriots HC Jerod Mayo Hints At Cutting One From the QB Room

Aditya Rajput

New England Quarterback Update: Patriots HC Jerod Mayo Hints At Cutting One From the QB Room

The New England Patriots are a team who’ve had a brilliant quarterback legacy in the past 20 years. However, the organization has seemingly changed gears with Tom Brady leaving and Mac Jones failing. The Patriots also changed their approach to quarterbacks after bringing in Jerod Mayo to replace Bill Belichick. Although they did draft Drake Maye using their 3rd overall pick, the current QB situation is quite shaky, and a recent announcement from the HC further raised concerns.

In a recent press conference, Jerod Mayo spoke about the quarterback situation with the Patriots. He addressed the obvious: the presence of 4 QBs on the team, but explicitly mentioned that this will not be the case for too long.

Mayo made it clear that there might be four QBs on the team right now, but the situation will change soon. In his eyes, the roster needs to be trimmed for the upcoming season, and the training camp after spring might act as a test. This suggests that one of the QBs will soon be on his way out, and fans had quite a few interesting speculations about who it might be.

Fans’ predictions on who Jerod Mayo is cutting

Although Jerod Mayo indicated that one of the Patriots QBs will soon depart the team, it is unlikely to be Drake Maye. With his potential, it would be premature for the team to let him go so easily.

At the same time, fans on social media were confident that they knew who was going to get the sack. They took to X to make their opinions known and almost unanimously picked Bailey Zappe as the one who would be let go.

Most fans have no faith in Zappe’s chances of surviving the training camp and becoming one of the 3 quarterbacks on the team. Moreover, with Maye coming in as the Patriots’ first-round draft pick QB, the chances of him getting cut are low. Now only time and the training camp will reveal which unfortunate quarterback will cease to be a Patriot.

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