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“Paranoid, and Crazy and Nutty”: Reasons Behind Tom Brady’s NFL Ownership Block Unravel When Poked

Ayush Juneja

“Paranoid, and Crazy and Nutty”: Reasons Behind Tom Brady’s NFL Ownership Block Unravel When Poked

Tom Brady, arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, will soon start his new career as a FOX analyst. While fans are quite optimistic about Brady’s journey into the broadcasting world, it seems to be causing a hindrance in his quest to become a minority owner of the Raiders, primarily due to issues of trust. Nonetheless, Rich Eisen has the utmost faith in the former NFL star, believing that these doubts can be swiftly addressed and resolved.

In a recent episode of The Rich Eisen Show, the sports commentator didn’t put much emphasis on the ongoing concerns about TB12 having access to confidential information about teams as a broadcaster.

In theory, it could complicate matters when Brady’s prospective team, the Raiders, faces an opponent while he is in the commentary booth. Eisen, however, believes that the seven-time Super Bowl champ can be a consummate professional and compartmentalize his two roles.

“In his endeavour with Fox Sports, he’s going to have a lot of information on other teams that owners usually are not privy to. There are a lot of competitive questions here. I think Brady can be completely professional and silo these things. I believe it, but I am also not a member/owner of the NFL, where things can kind of make you a little paranoid, and crazy and nutty”.

Eisen’s co-host, Chris Brockman, also believes there shouldn’t be any concerns about Tom Brady broadcasting games, even those of Raiders’ divisional rivals. He pointed out that Tony Romo and Troy Aikman have access to information and call games for the Eagles, Commanders, and other divisional rivals of the Cowboys while maintaining contact with Jerry Jones.

Initially, most owners were upset by the discount that Mark Davis offered Brady. Then Brady and his team came up with a better proposal; however, the ownership is still on hold. Interestingly, though, Tom isn’t the first person to get engulfed in this atmosphere of paranoia.

Tom Brady Is Far From the First Victim

The former Patriots man finds himself in a place of mistrust, something that both Jon Gruden and his brother Jay Gruden are familiar with, according to Mike Tirico. The sports commentator recently joined Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask on their What the Football podcast, where he revealed an anecdote about his time working as an analyst with Jon Gruden.

Mike revealed that some people in the NFL felt uneasy about sharing information with Jon Gruden when Jay Gruden was working as a coach or coordinator for a team. Every time a particular franchise was set to face Jay’s divisional rivals, coaches and other staff felt uncomfortable about sharing information.

Mike asserted that these concerns were nothing but baseless, yet they point to a culture of paranoia embedded in the NFL, partly because of the amount of money at stake.

It’s hard to ignore such concerns, and while everyone, including players, feels that Tom has a lot to offer as an analyst, he would have to navigate this tricky issue and there will be times when the GMs and coaches refuse to share information.

Moreover, Brady’s past involvement as a Patriot in Spygate and Deflate-gate won’t help his case. Therefore, he might have to wait a bit longer to fulfill his dream of becoming the owner of an NFL team.

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