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Sean Payton Asked to Call Tom Brady as Broncos Go Through Bridge Quarterback Year

Ayush Juneja

Sean Payton Asked to Call Tom Brady as Broncos Go Through Bridge Quarterback Year

Tom Brady, once again, flirted with the idea of coming back for another last dance in the league. A league that he dominated for over two decades. He asserted that he is keeping himself fit and named the Patriots, 49ers, and Raiders as some of the landing spots he would prefer. Plenty of teams are still in need of a shot-caller and would jump at the chance to hand over 7-time Super Bowl winner the reigns.

Interestingly, an unlikely team is in play if the 3-time MVP seeks a return to the league. NFL columnist Troy Renck of the Denver Post believes the Denver Broncos and Sean Payton could be one of the franchises that could highly benefit from a QB like Tom Brady since their moves in free agency didn’t impress anyone. They even let Russell Wilson move to Pittsburgh.

The author even noted that the interest in Brady isn’t new. Shanahan wanted to bring him on board for the last season after Purdy injured his elbow in the NFC Championship game. However, he announced his retirement and Purdy recovered on time. Even the Dolphins owners tried to bring Tom and Payton to Miami. If Payton asked him to fill in for a year before they could get someone permanent, Brady might consider it. Or, at least, that’s how Troy Renck feels.

However, considering the rivalry, fans might struggle to imagine Brady wearing blue and orange. While most teams would still be willing to bring 47-year-old Tom to their franchise, only a few teams could be realistic options for him.

Possible Destinations for Tom Brady’s Umpteenth Return to the NFL

While the Broncos remain an outside option, Brady said if his services are called upon, he won’t be opposed to accepting them. In the recent episode of the Deep Cut Podcast, Vic’s name dropped a few teams as possible destinations for the 7-time Super Bowl winner. And the Patriots could just be one of those teams.

Having spent two decades at Foxborough, he has a connection to and a feel for the place. Even Kraft admitted that allowing him to leave for Tampa Bay was a mistake. Belichick is no longer there. If the Patriots draft a QB, be it Maye or McCarthy, having the GOAT show them the ropes would be an ideal situation.

Another team that could pique his interest is the Raiders. With only Aidan O’Connell as a starting option, Brady could uplift the team he is about to become a minority owner of. Moreover, the 49ers seriously considered Brady as an option before the start of last season and might bring him on board to help them get over the hump, given he agrees to a not-so-lucrative deal.

The Vikings are also another interesting spot, who currently boast one of the best offenses in the league, but no QB as of yet to get the best out of them. Signing Brady to guide them in a tough division won’t be such a bad thing. They can also save their 1st round pick, which they might have to give in order to draft a QB higher in the draft.

Nonetheless, it is less than likely to materialize since questions about his arm talent and rustiness would ignite in minutes. At the same time, he is not only becoming a minority owner of an NFL franchise but also taking on a new role as an analyst for FOX. So, it’s safe to say, he has a lot on his plate, and football isn’t one of them.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


Ayush Juneja is an NFL Journalist at the SportsRush. New to Gridiron, he has been following the sport for past 9 months and has authored over 400 articles so far. As a sports enthusiast and a true adrenaline junkie, he finds the physical side of sports to be more thrilling and engaging. A big fan of Liverpool F.C., he now roots for another red team in San Francisco 49ers and would love to see a match at Levi's Stadium and Michigan Stadium. American culture and politics fascinates him and would love to experience it first hand.

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