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Shannon Sharpe Reveals His Three Kids Don’t Trouble Him About Money: “Last Option. Not First Choice”

Utsav Khanna

Shannon Sharpe Celebrates His Groundbreaking Katt Williams Interview With Another Rolex After Revealing He Has Earned Millions From It

Shannon Sharpe and Chad ‘Ocho’ Johnson went into detail about the finances surrounding athletes in the latest episode of the Nightcap podcast. After Draymond Green’s revelation about paying $3 million in career fines and LeBron potentially moving teams, the topic of money was affluent in their conversations.

During one such heartfelt discussion about their relationship with finances, Shannon Sharpe talks about how he treats money. First, he says that people in his life have continuously told him that he should start enjoying himself.

And he realizes that most of his life he’s lived bringing happiness to others; his brother, his sister, and then his kids. However, Sharpe now finds himself in a position where his family, especially his kids, are capable of taking care of themselves. Sharpe has two daughters and one son: Kayla, Kaley, and Kiari.

Sharpe says that his kids don’t bother him about money. One reason is that they’re all successful in their own right. And the other reason is the teachings of their father.

The 3x Super Bowl champ says, “I can say honestly, my kids, they don’t really bother me about money because they already know Ocho. I’ve told them. I’m last option. I’m not first choice.” 

Shannon Sharpe says that since he knows his kids will not take his hard-earned resources for granted when they do come calling for help, he understands it’s serious.

With his elite NFL career and a robust post-retirement media role, Sharpe has been able to acquire quite a large sum over his years as a celebrity. But he says he does not feel like spending anything on himself.

Instead, taking care of his mother, and his brother and sister—who practically raised him—is the most joyous thing in his life. He prefers working and helping out people in his life, taking care of them and their needs as much as possible.

Sharpe and Ocho Reveal Ferraris Don’t Interest Them Anymore

After making multi-million net worths, and building businesses across industries, Shannon Sharpe says sports cars no longer interest him. And Ocho who proudly drives around a smart car, also believes that his most important spending is on his loved ones. Making sure they’re happy and cared for is his main goal.

And the other things that come with a high-end lifestyle do not appeal to him. The former Bengals WR notes, “That’s all I have, I have nothing else to live for obviously, outside of my kids, the missus, and the making sure the ones I have the kids from are good as well. Outside of that, what am I doing?” 

He questions buying high-end things when so many responsibilities and sources of happiness are already present in his life. He adds, “What am I, driving a goddamn Ferrari or Lamborghini, for what?” 

And Shannon Sharpe adds, “I’m done with the sports cars. I’m old school.” The clarity and honesty with which the duo talk about their lives is a key reason behind the success of the podcast, and why listeners tune in so passionately even during the off-season.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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