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“Stop Choking People”: Shannon Sharpe Goes Off on Draymond Green for Crying Over $3 Million

Ayush Juneja

“Stop Choking People”: Shannon Sharpe Goes Off on Draymond Green for Crying Over $3 Million

Basketball star Draymond Green is dominating the news cycle yet again. This time, though, because he called out the NBA for unnecessary fines, creating a culture where players are not allowed to be wealthy after retirement. However, his recent statement has irked many sports enthusiasts, including Shannon Sharpe, who blasted the Warriors’ power forward on his podcast.

During the recent episode of the ‘Nightcap’, Shannon Sharpe acknowledged that the message of excessive fines is right on the cue but disagreed with his approach. Moreover, he concurred with his co-host, Chad Johnson, that Green wasn’t the right messenger for this issue.

Sharpe then asserted that if Draymond doesn’t want to lose money to the NBA, he shouldn’t resort to physical violence and foolish antics on the court. He also took note of the fact that Draymond has been fined over $900,000 throughout his career, with his suspensions costing him over $3 million.

The former NFL star expressed that the rules and regulations are in place for a reason, emphasizing that acceptable behavior cannot be achieved without accountability. And if the NBA didn’t have rules, chaos would descend onto the court.

“How about stop kicking people in the private? How about stop choking people? How about stop punching your teammates? You got to have rules and regulations,” Sharpe argued. “There’s a reason why we have speed limits. If there were no rules in the NBA, how hard would somebody fight? What do you think people would do? You got to have rules.”

The former Broncos TE believes the times have changed, and so has the sport. Both basketball and football are not as physical as they used to be, and players need to accept that.

If there is no code of conduct or dress code, it would cease to be a work environment. Therefore, Unc feels Green should stop whining and take accountability for his actions. On the other hand, Ocho had some words of advice for players who are worried about going broke after retirement.

Ocho Offers NBA Players Money Help

Chad Ochoinco is one of the thriftiest football players around. He doesn’t like squandering his money on unnecessary things and feels he can help players in both the NBA and NFL achieve financial prudence after retirement.

During the recent episode of the ‘Nightcap’, he criticized the NBA players for throwing away their money on multiple luxury cars and houses and getting into multiple relationships with women, who expect them to spend a good amount of money on them.

Going out to fine dinners and clubbing takes money, and this excessive spending is the reason most of them go broke. Ocho suggested that players come to him so he can set them up with 5-year or 10-year plans for the future. With these plans, they can retain their wealth after hanging up their sneakers.

Ocho also said that while the fines are excessive, especially for small things like trash-talking, taunting, or wearing the wrong socks, these fines are not the reason the players go broke after retirement.

Many players coming from harsh conditions and adversity have never seen this kind of money. So when they started seeing this kind of money regularly, it’s hard for anyone to control their spending. Most of them don’t have the financial prudence to plan for their future.

Lack of planning and overspending is a bad combination. Most of these players don’t have any other skill to help them earn after they call it a career. The respective leagues and colleges should offer them classes and training programs that could help them manage money and invest it for returns in the future.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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